Friday, November 25, 2011

This Vehicle Makes Sudden and Frequent Stops

One day on my list of One Thousand Gifts, I wrote this:

12. my sweet hubby bringing home goodies (today: strawberries)

Like the sign says, he makes "sudden and frequent stops" (he really should have a bumper sticker that says so).

On Saturday, he brought home apples (with which he made applesauce), raspberries, and the biggest blackberries that you have ever seen.

On Monday, he came home with:
*  2 bags of candy corn (obtained very inexpensively)
*  1 "Cleveland Indians" box of tissues (for a special nephew)
*  An 8GB iPod Nano (third generation) for ME!
*  And a pair of ear buds (which apparently are the good kind - with sound control - because my son already wants to make a trade)

Which goes to prove that you just never know.

And begs the question:  Just where DOES he go on his lunch hour?

The end.


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