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Friday, April 3, 2015

Life Un-blogged

Good Grief!  I've been living my life un-blogged for 3+ weeks.  What's the world coming to?  There was a day when one of those (a day) couldn't go by without me having something to say.  Lately, though, each day is so full of knowing I am right in the middle of where God wants me that there are no words at the end. (read: I collapse, exhausted.)

Also... if you follow Sasha @ LemonadeMakinMama, do you remember the day when she asked if Instagram had taken the place of blogging?  At the time, I didn't have an Instagram account, and (quite frankly) I was incredulous at what she was suggesting.

Today, I am here to tell you... Sasha knew what she was talking about.  I love documenting my days on Instagram with brief captions.  It only takes me a second.  So, long-story-short -- I would love it if you follow me there.  You can see my Instagram slideshow over there --> in my right side-bar, and if you would like to follow along, just click on this link:

and "FOLLOW."

My days of baby-rocking are quickly coming to a close for the season.  The summer will hopefully be more wide-open, and we are already planning for our summer vacation.  It's like a light at the end of a long winter tunnel!  My intention is to be more present here.  We'll see how that works out.

Praying that your heart will be fully engaged in this Easter weekend.  I will be rocking babies, serving dinner for 11, and remembering (with a grateful heart) the reason I am able to do all of this things.

If not for Christ on the cross...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not Too Seriously

For the most part, we don't take ourselves too seriously around here.  For the most part, we are all pretty good at laughing at ourselves.  Here's a perfect example.

Last night, I remembered a dream from the previous night, and I shared it with my daughter.  The dream was a little odd in that I had a mustache.  Yep.  I looked in the mirror and there it was.  In the dream, it wasn't at all strange to me that I had a mustache... only that it was quite raggedy and uneven.  I was in a quandary about how to best even it up.  Do you trim it to match up with the top or the bottom of your lip, I wondered.

At this point in my explanation to my daughter, she held up her hand and amid hysterical laughter said, "Wait, wait!  Mom, you didn't think maybe you should just SHAVE?"


Nope.  That idea never crossed my mind.

See what I mean?

Not too seriously.

Monday, March 2, 2015

It's Like Riding a Bicycle...

Remember THIS POST where I mentioned that we were having a little friend come to visit?


He came in like he owned the place, and within the first five seconds, found the teddy bear that I'd put out for him.  He willingly said goodbye to Mommy & Daddy.  No big deal.

We played.  He investigated the house, turning questioning eyes on me when he wanted to check something out.  There were only a couple things that I had to lay down the law on... like him picking up the little weights that I use when I walk [away the pounds], and dropping them.  Ummmm, NO!  We put that to an end before little toes got smashed.

He brought his own kitchen toys, and so, "cooked" at my feet while I made him mac-n-cheese for lunch.

He "talked to Mom" on his pretend phone, and then I got to "talk to her" too!

We put a chair cushion on a kitchen chair so that he was sitting higher for lunch, and he ate like a champ.

Shortly after lunch, it was naptime... meaning: the pack-n-play in my room.  Story first, read by my girl -- who was equally tickled to have the little guy here.  Then, shade pulled.  Familiar blankies.  And knowing his "code word" for blankie, too!  I stood at the top of the stairs listening to the movements behind the almost-closed door.  It only took about 3 minutes, and there was stillness.  I waited for a little voice to call,.. but nothing.

Two hours later, I knew that Mommy would return shortly, so I went up to wake the little man.  I called his name gently, reminding him that he was at Sally's house.  I expected a bit of a fuss upon waking -- you know how that can be.  I didn't know if he'd remember where he was.  But, no biggie.

We came downstairs and played with his trains as had been promised before naptime.  All in all, it went so smoothly, and way too fast!  Mommy was back before we knew it.

Though I care for these sweet little ones at church, I haven't had little ones in my home in a long time.  Even the nieces and nephews are grown up.  Age-appropriate toys are mostly gone -- and all of the important tools (high chair, crib) are long gone.  So, I wasn't really sure how it would go, but...

It's just like riding a bicycle!

This is one of my favorite pictures... the little guy on my couch, feet crossed, looking at pictures of himself on my iPod.
Sign of the times... and those crossed feet?  A clue to his comfort?  Precious!

Monday, February 23, 2015

(that post where I won't name any names...)

What a whirlwind weekend!

Friday night was a drive to camp to drop off our girl and her friend for a Winter Weekend with our church youth group.

Saturday was snow, snow, snow, and though it was recommended that we wouldn't, my hubby and I ventured out for lunch (breakfast food for me) at a neighborhood cafe that we have recently discovered.

Sunday was baby rockin', worship, a Mexican lunch, and a drive back to camp to get our girl -- and then a lot of feet up, surfin', snoozin', kids & friends playing cards, and Downton Abbey watchin'.  (No awards, thank you.)

There was a lot of down-time in between all of the running, so, it was a nicely balanced weekend, even though it sped by.

The highlight of my Sunday morning in the nursery was a silly little thing -- but in another way, huge.  One little guy was going around the room, pointing back to me and saying, "That's Sally."  It just kind of struck me that... he really knows me.  Week after week, visit after visit, we have become buddies.  So much so, in fact, that when I saw him again later in the morning, he kissed me.  On the lips.

OBviously, we have become close.  I'm laughing out loud, and shaking my head.  Oh that boy.

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Stay Warm!

I hope everyone is staying toasty warm on this coldest of cold days.  My girl and I are hunkered down at home... school was cancelled yesterday and today due to the extreme temps/windchills expected -- and we are all too happy to be spending the day with one of our favorite "littles" from church.  It's been fun to dust off some old toys, favorite books, and a naptime blanket for him.  I'm looking forward to some great adventures... indoors.

Stay warm!

And for your viewing pleasure: frost on one of our windows.  God's handiwork.

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