Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pot Roast and Parent-Teacher Meetings

The other day, I decided to make a pot roast using the recipe that I knew was on the back of the onion soup box on my shelf.  Only... when I looked, it wasn't on that particular box.  So, I went hunting on the internet, and this is what I found.  Easiest recipe ever.

1 pot roast
2 envelopes onion soup mix
2 cups water
potatoes, peeled & in large chunks
carrots, peeled & in large chunks
Put it in your crock pot, and cook on low for 8 hours or so until the meat is fork-tender.

There.  That's it.  Try it.  You will thank me.

My family did, big time -- especially since, by the time they got to eat it (due to my bad planning, hubby's work schedule, and parent-teacher meetings) it was 7PM.  Pure torture all day long up until that point!  It smelled amazing as it cooked... and very onion-y.  So much so, that I feared our son's teachers might take a step back after the first hand-shake.  (After all, I'd been sitting here in the same house with it all day!)

But, no.  They were all very kind, telling us that we should be proud of our son.  His English teacher even went so far as to say we had done a fine job homeschooling him.  *sniff*  I know those words can be hard for a school teacher to say.  Maybe (and I'm just saying maybe) I love her.

All told?  The day had two very big bright spots.

Pot roast, and parent-teacher meetings.

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  1. A perfect combination, Sal!
    I love Lipton anything. My son mixes it with burger patties and that's pretty tasty too, but nothing beats a crockpot meal waiting for you after a good conference report!
    I'm hoping for the same next week at our conferences.....my last parent/teacher conference ever.
    Like, ever ever.
    I can tell this is going to be a very sappy year for this mama!


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