Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Gobbling Gratitude!

Wow, so did you feel that shift?  All of a sudden I'm posting on the far end of the day instead of scheduling my usual 12:01AM.  No, you didn't feel it?  Well it feels a little strange to me, but I'll go with it since it's Thanksgiving week and all, and I'd like to get a post done about my

Thoughts of Thankfulness
91.  Dad and Mom will be home Monday
91a.  re-do:  I'm thankful that Dad and Mom are safe (and together, ha!) for an extra night in Paris due to missing a connecting flight from Paris to JFK
92.  a productive shopping expedition with my girl - stocking up for "the meal"
93.  the bird - which will thaw in time
94.  the anticipation of cinnamon jello salad and pumpkin roll
95.  my decision to shop on Monday morning rather than Sunday afternoon (thanks Jill!)

96.  my best girl - who is also my best motivation many days
97.  that I could say, "we've been where you are & God WILL provide" to an old co-worker who is currently unemployed
98.  a new and more challenging job for my brother-in-law
99.  warm banana muffins (why am I always thankful for food?  =))

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  1. Hi Sally,

    visiting from Ann's site; I love that you are always thanking God for food...I can relate.

    An extra night in Paris sounds like fun...


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