Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey (& Stuff)

How was your Thanksgiving Day?  We enjoyed a quiet lunch-time meal with my parents. As in every previous year that I've cooked a turkey, the "red button" popped early, and I made a call to my mom with the code words, "The eagle has landed!"  That means: if you haven't left home yet, come ANY time, because the bird is ready!

We enjoyed a feast together using Gram's turkey platter, and serving dishes.

It's been the tradition at our house, that whoever comes for dinner (which is served close to the lunch-hour) typically stays for the afternoon to visit and play games.  This year, we enjoyed a challenging game of the Cleveland version of Monopoly, which is always... interesting (I am SO NOT a Monopoly player).

Sometime around the dinner-hour (or later) we get out leftovers and some new snacks. This year, some church-friends joined us for great conversation, a few rounds of Taboo, and some yummy snacks (including but not limited to Black Bean Salsa, Shelby's Pumpkin Roll and m&m pretzel kisses).

It was a lovely day.  Of course, at the end, when everyone had gone home, I realized I had taken all of the photos, and not one had been taken of me.  I asked Shelby to grab the camera and snap a couple of pics -- even though I was already in the cleaning-up stages.

We made great memories this year.
What are YOUR favorite memories of the day?


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