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An Interview With Serena

You know Serena Thompson from The Farm Chicks.  She's starting up a new venture, and has been teasing us about it for months!  Recently, she said she would answer some interview questions from interested parties, and I was intrigued enough to send her some.  Here, she graciously answers all the things I was nosy... I mean... all the things I asked her about. So, sit back and learn a little more about...

Serena, you've kept us on the edge of our seats for months now...  Can you tell us how you came to this new venture? -- and why the long wait for the "reveal?"
   I know!  It's been such a long journey, and I don't like talking about something before it's ready because I know that can be annoying, but I really needed to build some sort of a community of people who were interested, as it's a really interactive site.  I should back up. My Favorite Find is a website, sort of like a virtual show-and-tell.  You can seek, find, and share shoppes and events from around the world, and then show-and-tell your finds for everyone to see.  Nothing like this existed before this, and I saw a huge need for it -- all in one place.  I'm so excited about how much functionality exists within the site.  It's been extremely complex to build, and that's why it's taken so long.

As a "global" venture, it sounds a little (or a lot) different than The Farm Chicks.  What is the most important thing you want us to know about your vision for My Favorite Find?
   I've achieved a lot of success through The Farm Chicks and it was never easy.  I am so proud of the fact that My Favorite Find can help so many small businesses out there, as well as shoppers who want to find what they love - to make it easier for all.  I want for others to have an opportunity to achieve success with what they're doing - their events, their shoppes, whatever it may be.  My Favorite Find will be their opportunity.

What do you hope will be the most valuable part of My Favorite Find to us (as consumers)?
   Imagine you're going on a trip to Sacramento, California, and you want to know if there are any great shoppes to visit.  Or, you want to check out what yard sales, estate sales, and antiques shows are going on and then print out your itinerary and directions --anywhere in the world.  Or maybe you just found the "score of a lifetime" and you want to show it off to others who will share in your excitement?  It will all be possible on My Favorite Find.

Will The Farm Chicks continue (the website, the auction, the on-line store)?
   Yes, The Farm Chicks will continue on, business as usual.  I love what I do!

What are the best ways for friends and fans to follow the progress off My Favorite Find?  (website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or a blog)?
   Well, the best way is to sign up for My Favorite Find (via the website  and you'll receive an email allowing you access to the site, once it goes live on Monday, March 19th.  If you want to stay connected via facebook and twitter, you can do that too.

You've given clues that FAMILY is/are involved in My Favorite Find.  Will that be true going forward, or just for the planning stages?  (It must be exciting to team up on a project like this!)
   My family has played a big role in the development of the site.  They're really great to turn to, as they're brutally honest and when something isn't great, they will always say it's not great.  Colin and the boys have tested the site after each stage, and their feedback has been invaluable.  My sister-in-law, Alison, was a part of the focus group as well.

Are there other people that you're collaborating with that we should know about?
   Over the years, I've built a community of other enthusiasts as well as other show producers and small business owners.  I included several of them in my focus group, as I want My Favorite Find to be something that is an asset to them.

"Global" makes it seem like you'll become a world traveler -- or that you have a great team backing you up.  Tell us more.
   I do have an amazing team that has worked with me to build this site.  Like I said earlier, it's been really complex, so they've been key.  The "Global" references are because My Favorite Find is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.  That's really exciting to me.

Serena, it's been great fun "chatting" with you.
I wish you all the best!  ~Sally xoxo

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  1. Those are great questions and I'm now intrigued!! :)

  2. Hey Sal!
    How fun for you to get to visit with Serena! I think you've found your calling as a reporter. MFF sounds like so much fun!


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