Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sentimental Christmas

Do you look forward to the holidays?  Do Thanksgiving and Christmas always evoke good memories for you?  Or, do you get overwhelmed and stressed out?


I'm somewhere in the middle of all of that.

I have only good memories of the holiday season growing up.  Only. Good.  My Gram always insisted on getting a wish list from all of her grandchildren.  She loved giving gifts, and her goal was always to get us exactly what we had wished for.  Seriously.  Ask any of her grandchildren.  We didn't necessarily get EVERYthing we wished for, but what we got was 100% spot on!

Heirloom ornaments that belonged to my great grandparents
~ given to me by my parents.

I remember shortly after getting married that Gram asked my hubby to make a little Christmas list for her.  He did not come from a family of list-makers, and was totally at a loss.  Remembering the Thanksgiving that we had recently hosted, he asked for an electric carving knife - so he could be the "host with the most" in future years.

Suffice it to say that my Gram was disgusted with his wish.  Seriously?  You can't think of anything more FUN for me to buy you than an electric carving knife?  She was in the happiness business.  She always wanted everyone to have exactly what they wanted -- but an electric knife?

I think of that story every time we use our electric knife.  (She gave in.)  Nineteen years, and going strong.

But I digress (sort of).

I was thinking of the list-making to make a point.

My family made lists.  Some people think that's greedy.  My hubby's family did not make lists.

My family always served the same foods.  Some people think that's boring.  (Let me tell you, when it's Christmas day, and you're having a dinner filled with all of your favorite things that you haven't eaten in, say, a year -- it's NOT boring!)  My hubby's family does not always serve the same foods.

My family always talks about our plans for the holiday far in advance, even though we'll do it just like we did it last year.  Some people think that's not spontaneous enough.  My hubby's family does not discuss things in advance.

Neither is right or wrong... just different.  Sometimes those differences cause a little stress in my life.  When it comes to the big parts of Christmas, I don't like surprises.  I like to know what I can count on.  Sure, there may be a new concert along the way, or a tree festival. Maybe a shopping expedition to someplace new...

But don't mess with Christmas dinner, ya know?  The things that I'm most sentimental about are the things that we've done year after year without question.  The older I get, the more I appreciate these things!

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