Monday, March 3, 2014

Procrastination and Curtains

Oh, I can drag my feet with the best of 'em!  And when it comes to window treatments, well... this is what I have written on my "Window Treatments" Pinterest board:

"I have an irrational "fear" of window treatments. I think it has something to do with the combination of making a final decision, committing to the expense, and putting holes in the walls."

Remember when I told you that I had some new curtains for the kitchen and living room -- you know -- the ones that I didn't have time to put up between my recent trip to Florida and our daughter's birthday celebration?

Well, firstly -- the kitchen idea didn't pan out.  I thought I was going to use some cute dish towels for something a little more colorful than the white wispy ones that were still in place.  However, I had trouble finding dish towels that I liked.  I did end up bringing some home that didn't work.  Ultimately, they were too plain, and because they were a sturdier cotton towel, they didn't allow any light through.  They blocked the sun and totally changed the look of the kitchen.  I decided to keep the white wispy sun-catching curtains up.

Secondly, I was dragging my feet when it came to hanging the living room panels because I didn't have a rod, and I wanted sheers, which I didn't have yet either.  Also, there's the matter of this air-register... which would be right BEHIND the curtains if they hung too long -- but I didn't want short curtains.  I felt stuck.

Here's a "BEFORE" shot of our living room windows.  Just ignore the Christmas tree...  Blinds and a swag that crossed both windows.  Nothing wrong with this look, but it had been this way for an awful long time, and I was ready for a change.

Sometimes, you just have to put one foot in front of the other, and allow things to "play out."  I bought a rod, and hung the clearance curtains.  Rather than add lots of new holes for the hardware, I was able to match up the new hardware to existing holes.  What luck, right?  By doing that, the panels hung just above the air-register, and it seemed like it was meant to be.  It might not be the "in" look but it works for our house and this odd wall arrangement.

Once they were hung, I liked them.  I really liked them.  Actually, I liked them when I spotted them on-line, but when I opened them at home, it was a box full of... DARK color.  I decided to open one package, and sling the panel over a chair for about a week -- which helped me to remember that I really did like them.  They looked nice with our couch, and some white sheers would really add a nice contrast.

They hung there for about a week, to the sides of the existing blinds.  Finally, I got to the store again, and found sheers that I love.

I love the look.  Since the side panels had a grommet-top, I decided to go with the same style of sheers.  I didn't even know they made sheers with grommets!  Yeah, I don't get out much -- at least when it comes to window treatments!!!

The only problem?  Riddle me this: why would 84" side panels and 84" sheers hang at different lengths -- especially when they both have grommet-tops?  Weird, right?  So, I have a little shortening to do on the sheers.

BUT, I truly do love the look.  I love the way the sheers filter the light.  I love the level of brightness they add to the room compared to the previous blinds.  And the side panels?  I love the color and texture they add to the room!

Have you ever done a makeover that completely surprised you?


  1. Oh, those look great! I am very familiar with Mr. Procrastination, LOL. We opted to go with no curtains at our current home and only have fabric blinds. I think I'm going to have to change the one in my office sometime though. With a lack of privacy (since neighbors moved in across the street) and bright light, what I have currently in there isn't working out too well.

  2. Now this looks like an idea that I can employ in my front room where there is a large picture window and I have it totally covered for privacy, but I want light!


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