Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sausage Rolls [A Back-Story]

Remember my Sausage Roll recipe?  Well, that was the recipe that I talked about HERE, when I said I had wanted to share, but forgot to take pictures of the final product, remember?  I was so frustrated with myself, but was bound and determined to take pictures next time we made the recipe.

My next chance came sooner than I thought it would when our daughter decided to make these for her youth group leader's birthday.  She prepared the recipe the night before, and I told her, "Leave a note on the counter for me so I remember to take pictures this time!"  She planned to actually bake the Sausage Balls Sunday afternoon.

Due to his work schedule, our son stayed at home when we left for church Sunday morning.  After we left, he came downstairs to check out what might be new to EAT in the refrigerator or cupboards [such a boy!], and he found our note.  Not knowing why on earth I wanted to take pictures of Sausage Rolls, he thought he'd give us a funny "take" on it, and he documented his JOY on Snapchat, sharing it with his sister.  LOL  We got a good laugh!

Or... ON the stove.
See the ready-to-bake Sausage Rolls in the refrigerator?
Okay, now this may be overdoing it a bit...  LOL

Never a dull moment around here...

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