Friday, March 7, 2014


I just signed up to get some yummy snacks in the mail -- FOUR selections every two weeks.  I'm hoping it will give my family some new and healthier ideas for snacking.

My daughter and I happened to see a graze commercial on TV that gave an online code to get our first box of healthy snacks free, and so I was willing to try it.  When I signed up, they gave me a friend code to share with YOU, so that you could get your FIRST and FIFTH boxes FREE!

The cost is $6 [shipping is included], and they say that four healthy [and hello?  portion controlled!] snacks will arrive in a box that fits in most mailboxes. Head on over to to check out the snack options. Then, if you decide to sign up, you can do that here using  MY FRIEND CODE to get TWO free boxes (first and fifth).  You can cancel at any time -- even after the first box!  There is no commitment, but you do have to go on-line to cancel far enough in advance so that they haven't already prepared your next package. They ship on a two-week cycle, or you can change your settings to receive a box every four weeks instead.

You'll find lots of snack options under these headings:
  • graze's popping corn
  • dips and dippers
  • flapjacks
  • savory selection
  • healthy treats
  • pure fruit
  • whole nuts
  • pure fruit, nuts, and seeds
  • super seeds
  • a touch of chocolate
I hope to be able to give you a great report when we receive our first box!  Stay tuned.

** I received no compensation for this post.  Opinions are mine -- and my family's.

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  1. What a fun idea! I love the idea of healthy snacks for the family!

    Happy, happy day to you friend!


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