Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Etsy Venture

My Etsy Shop is open again, and this time I've got something totally new for you -- decorative fabric cane covers.

You might remember me telling you that my mom had knee replacement surgery last summer.  Knowing that Mom would need to use a cane during her recuperation process, a friend shared some cane covers with her. Mom wasn't too sure about them at first, but she decided to use them.  She ended up receiving all kinds of compliments, so she decided to make some to put in the Etsy Shop, thinking that somebody else out there might like the idea, too.

These are decorative fabric covers for a 3/4" cane.  A cover is easily added to your own cane!  Just remove the rubber cap at the bottom of your cane, slip on the cover, and replace the rubber cap.  The cane cover is made to have a "gathered" look.  Pick one to match a favorite outfit, or for a special occasion or holiday.

As a reminder, you can always click the "My Etsy" tab at the top of the blog to go directly to the shop.  In this post, each photo is linked to it's listing in the shop.  If you know someone who uses a cane, and would like to spruce it up a bit -- or someone who is going/has gone through knee replacement surgery, and is/will be using a cane... please feel free to tell them about us!  Thank you.

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