Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Cookie Making & Baking

Well, JILL sort of beat me to the punch, but I'm going to post anyways...

For Christmas, I gave her three awesome-kids-that-I-love a certificate for an afternoon of cookie making and baking.  In the past, we've done personal pizza making, and cupcake baking.  Fun times, and great memories!! We usually start with lunch, and then move on to our project, and in the empty spaces, we fit in a favorite movie.

So, this year it was cookies.  I asked Jill to "survey" the kids and have them agree on two kinds of cookies they'd like to make.  My plan was to have one recipe made and ready to bake, and to put the other recipe together while they were here, and then bake those too.  That's a lot of cookie-baking people!  And, if you know the story of my tempermental oven... [read end of linked post] well, let's just say every day is an adventure.  [We had a second oven-cleaning just recently!]

The kids chose Reese's Pieces cookies [for which I used the Tollhouse Cookie recipe minus chocolate chips], and Oatmeal Craisin White Chocolate Chip Cookies [gasp...that's a long name....hope I got all of the important words...the recipe is on the back of a bag of Ocean Spray Craisins].

My sweet hubby went to pick up pizza shortly after the kids arrived, and we started putting cookies in the oven. The cookies baked and cooled while we ate our lunch, and we were able to enjoy part of that first batch for our dessert.  Then it was time to get down to serious work.  My girl and I supervised two work areas.  One was at the stove, scooping cookie dough onto stones, and the other was at the kitchen table, making the second recipe. Everybody got a chance to do everything: measuring and adding ingredients, stirring, scooping and waiting. [*that's the hardest part!]

In the other room, we had "Cars 2" playing, which was great, because the kids were entertained in between their duties... and I called them into the kitchen when it was their turn to help.  It was a pretty good system, I'd say.  We managed to get all that baking done in 3.5 hours.  By the time Jill & The Hubster arrived, the cookies were cooled, and in freezer bags for taking home.

HUGE thanks to my sweet girl.  I couldn't have "kept all of those plates spinning" without her... and I didn't even get her picture.  Nice of me, huh?  Don't worry.  She forgives me.  Besides, she's always only a few posts away.  *wink

Read JILL's POST to get her take on the day.  (Best friends forever -- for sure... but I don't remember any HAIR-PULLING -- hmmmm, wonder who was doing THAT????  JUST KIDDING.  Love my sis to the moon and back!)


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