Friday, July 5, 2013

Daisy, Daisy

Give me your answer, do.

I shouldn't even admit I know the lyrics to that song.
Hold on a minute.  [Google check.]
It was written in 1892.
Ya'll  KNOW I'm not that old.
Still.  Admitting that I know that song makes me feel old.

Did I ever tell you about the great "shows" that the choir used to put on at the church I attended as a child?  My parents were in the choir.  My sister and I were at most rehearsals, and every concert -- often participating with the junior choir or in family numbers with our parents.  There was a theme for The Show every year.  This is why I know a lot of old songs, including but not limited to Broadway favorites!  [i.e. "I'm My Own Grandpa" -- just sayin'.]

Anywho... back to daisies.

I told you a little bit about my daisies HERE, and I thought I'd follow up.  How are my daisies doing, you ask? {Thank you for asking.}  They're doing great.

They are open, and healthy, and in a great big huge bunch.  But none of you responded with information about dead-heading.  That's okay, I know you're busy.  So, I did another Google search [I know, you're so surprised] and found THIS collection of helpful comments.  Now, I am torn.  To deadhead, or NOT to deadhead?  (I wouldn't mind a few more daisies around the yard!)

To the left of my beautiful daisy plant is another [possible?] daisy plant [in sad shape and not growing] that somehow ended up in the middle of an ant hill.  Nice, huh?  Again, I am torn.  Give the plant up for lost?  Kill the ants?  Move the plant?  [Will that expand said ant hill to another location?] 

I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to TRY.  Please don't scold me.  The hill is growing and becoming a nuisance!!  I'll keep you posted.


  1. They are so cheerful and white as can be! I do not judge you at all. You are not raising an ant garden after all. I will be eager to hear the results.

  2. I would go the boiling water route (It was good enough for Grandma, right?) and hope the daisies survive.

  3. Hi Sally,
    Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit by way of Vee's blog. Thanks too for becoming a follower. I am going to follow you now too.
    Your daisy photos are so pretty. I think they are such cheerful flowers. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but I just deadheaded mine. I think it makes for a neater appearance.
    As for the ant hills, far be it for me to judge. After finding my dog's bowl crawling with them I had the experts come and spray. They sprayed four different ant hills outside.


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