Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

Well, yesterday afternoon turned into monsoon season around here with lots and lots of rain.  My son said he saw a satellite dish blow by.  I'm still not sure if he's messin' with me.

I do know that I took shelter in the basement for about 30 minutes.  When the weatherman called out three surrounding communities and said, "Get in your safe place," that was enough for me!  The weatherman was upstairs with candles lit, because the power had flickered once.  My son and I were downstairs, because the weatherman said so.

But, before heading downstairs, I took this picture.  While you may think it's just blurry, that's rain, rain, rain. They say that at times, it came 4" per hour.  I believe it.  The little garden off our patio filled up.  I've never seen that happen.

Also -- the low spot in our back yard (as well as every low spot around the neighborhood and our city) quickly filled up with rain water.  I had invited friends on Facebook to come fish or swim in our new ponds, but I'm officially calling that off, as the waters have receded.  *wink

My hubby made it home without incident, and the light at the end of our day?  We figured out what the jackhammer noise was coming from our refrigerator.  We took off the back of the refrigerator and vacuumed (it wasn't anything horrendous), but really hit pay-dirt when we emptied the freezer.  We took the door off, and the drawers out, and got to the plate at the back near the fan.  When my hubby removed that, there were chunks of ice behind it.  Ummmm, yeah.  He's guessing the jackhammer sound was, in fact, the fan hitting the ice block.

Don't ask me why there was ice build-up.  By that point, I had such a weather-headache -- I was just glad to know there wouldn't be any more jack-hammering going on.  I know.  You're questioning the decibel level, aren't you?  Just trust me on this one.  Jack.  Hammering.

I'm hoping for a much quieter day today.  And trying THESE with some blueberries my hubby got a deal on over the weekend.  Stay tuned.

What's happening where you live?


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