Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's Up? 6.20

I haven't done a "What's Up?" post in couple of weeks, so let's get caught up.  I believe these are called Vanilla Butterfly Daisies.  I never dreamed that these would return this year.  I think I have a lot to learn about daisies!  We just bought this plant last year, and it didn't really thrive.  As blooms died, I dead-headed the plant.  Right?  Wrong?  You tell me.  All of a sudden, I was left with NOTHING.  It was a sad state of affairs.

I was looking for a daisy that would be as prolific around the yard as Black-Eyed Susans seem to be around here.  [The birds have transplanted them, and I find them growing everywhere.  Lucky I love them!]  I thought how nice it would be to have bright "splashes" of white around the yard -- as much as the Black-Eyed Susan's golden yellow.  It's only been one year -- so it's hard to tell if this Daisy will eventually become so at home here that we will have to "divide" to conquer.  Here's hopin'.

In the meantime, here it comes, and the question remains.
Daisies -- Deadhead?  or no?  [I'll try to remember to take a picture for you when it's actually OPEN.]

I can't wait to see these Torch Lilies open.  It's always fun to see the transformation they go through!

I'm not sure what these yellow flowers are.  Anyone know?  I'm pretty sure they snuck in the back door with other plants that were gifted to us.  It's always a nice surprise to have things like this pop up in the yard!

And Hydrangeas!  How I love them.  Several years back, my dad shared a few plants with us.  They grew, and we soon had lots of shoots to transplant around the yard.  For some reason, they like our yard.

One time, a friend from church stopped by to drop off his daughter.  He wondered aloud at our secret to having nice hydrangeas.  I was embarrassed to tell him that we basically ignore them.  I've mentioned before that our garden philosophy is "survival of the fittest."  We don't baby anything too much.  Initially, we put "grow through" plant support circles around each plant.  That has been a tremendous help in supporting the plant.  In the fall, we trim the plants back to 12-18 inches.  That's it for the TLC around here.

This guy.... should have throat issues by now.  He sang ALL. DAY. LONG. yesterday!  And then, when I went out to take pictures, he perched on the neighbor's roof as if to say, "Yep.  It was me.  What're you going to do about it?"  Have I ever mentioned that I have a "Birds" ringtone for my incoming texts?  Yeah.  It was a confusing day.

But back to the garden... Look at all of the apples!  Again, we do nothing to baby these trees.  There are no pesticides used.  Mostly the trees are a fruity screen between us and our backyard neighbors.  We've had a few apples here and there.  Nothing wonderful.  No bumper crop.  But hello?  Look at all of those apples!  When you stand under the trees and look up, it's apples, apples, apples!

So, what's up at your house?  Don't you love an ever-changing yard?

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  1. Yes, I do love an ever-changing yard. Next up are the Bolero Lilies, but they're nothing like your very dramatic Torch lilies, which I had to go look up since I don't remember having seen one before. No fruit trees here either. Alas, no room!

  2. Your hydrangeas are beautiful!!!

    And I love your mysterious yellow flowers as well!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!!


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