Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Quiet is Overrated

I'm not gonna lie.  I am so missing my daughter this week.  For better or worse, she is the noise in our house.  I often think I'd like an "off" button (and we joke about such things), but when she's gone, I know that I could never really do without the buzz that she brings to our little hive.  In addition, she is my right arm -- complete with hand.  So, you know -- I miss that, too.

Our refrigerator [stay with me... same subject], that is less than 2 years old has starting making a noise that is the (in house) equivalent of a leaf blower, and in some moments, a jackhammer.  And, I have just realized the irony in this.  I thought this would be a quiet week with our daughter gone.  But, in my head, God is laughing.  He knows I don't love the silence as much as I think I do.

"Wanna make me some mac'n cheese?"
"Mama, I have a question."
"Hey Mom, I was thinkinnnnnn."
"Do you think we could go to... ?"
"What's for dinner?"

"Just curious, but.... "
"I feel like baking something.  What can I bake?"

These little "interruptions" in my day are what I cherish as a mom.  It's been an interesting couple of years in our home.  The transition into public school, one child and one year at a time has brought additional silence. All of it making me realize how much I love my motherly duties.  Duties perhaps, but what I love nonetheless.

Oh, and the NOISE.  I love the noise.  More than I ever imagined I could.

** For those of you who are wondering, the reports out of Chicago are good.  Much good is being done in the name of the Lord.  TRANSFORMATION is taking place.**

  • feeding the homeless
  • helping with VBS
  • working with disabled adults
  • cleaning up and fencing in a new "oasis" area outside a church -- a safe place for people to gather.

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  1. So Psalm 46:10 is not a fav? Oh I know what you does take getting used to. Good thing that the week is half done. Great to hear the good news from Chicago. Best I've heard lately.


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