Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And Away She Goes!

It's been a long allergy week -- and it's only Wednesday.  I think I sucked in some pollen when I was out gardening Sunday evening, and it's been downhill from there.  Allergy meds aren't touching it, and I am reminded what a bummer it is to not feel well in the summertime!

Also this week, we are reaching a fever-pitch of excitement around here, as my daughter is gearing up to hit the ministry trip trail to Chicago next week.  A group of high school kids from our church will be working there with New Life Ministries.  Specifically, my daughter will be working with a group of friends in leading some VBS activities.

For my daughter, that means that this week is a week of much anticipatory-type excitement, some random maladies, and little sleep.  {All of this has become the standard "week before" around here.}  Oh, and did I mention? She's been packed since Sunday.  She is totally self-motivated in that area, which is delightful since I hate to pack, and would rather not be responsible for that on any level.

This year, we have the added "excitement" of learning to use an EpiPen before her trip.  My girl has some mild food allergies that she's been dealing with for years now.  Last time we visited the doctor, we asked him about the possibility of these allergies escalating as she gets older, and after a good discussion, he prescribed an EpiPen - just in case.  Interestingly enough, not only does it raise your awareness, but it feels like it increases the possibility that the EpiPen will actually be needed -- which of course, is not true.

What's she allergic to?  Oh, fresh apples, peaches, & cherries, raw almonds, pistachios and carrots, and some salad green varieties.  She also has a dairy intolerance which we've learned to manage -- mostly by slowing down on things like pizza and ice cream!  Luckily she's a pretty smart girl, and watchful about not eating the foods that trigger these allergic reactions -- although, she only just learned about the cherries, so who knows what other issues might await her?  Thus the EpiPen.  It does provide a certain comfort level.

[The first several paragraphs at THIS SITE describe our girl to a "T" and have given us much insight!]

I'd appreciate your prayers for us as we send her off to Chicago very early on Sunday morning.  Thanks friends!

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  1. Yes, praying that your daughter will have a fantastic week and that many will learn more about Christ. I read the link...I have some of these issues and can't recommend local honey highly enough. It truly helps me and John and everybody I know who is troubled with pollen-related issues. Don't take my word for it, do some research. Local honey*Local honey*Local honey* rah! rah! rah! ☺


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