Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's Up -- and What's for Dinner?

I see great things for our family in the future.
You probably can too, if you look close enough.

For starters, I see Stuffed Peppers and Bacon-Cheese Dreams -- two of my favorites!

These green Bell Pepper and Roma Tomato plants came back from the edge.  We bought them in the very early spring, knowing full well that there were still frosts to come.  And sure enough, one of the late spring frosts zapped them pretty good.  We thought they were goners.  But somehow, they made it back from the edge that we thought they had gone over.

Here they are today.  The pepper is moving along slower than the tomatoes, but seriously?  Who could've known there would be this much green in their future?

Are you growing veggies in your garden this summer?
If so, which ones?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Vee's note card parties are the best.  The ladies that participate are a sweet and responsive community unlike any other blog-partiers that I've ever partied with.  Thank you, ladies... not just for your kind comments about my note card photos, but also for your kind wishes of sunshine & happiness for this weekend's graduation party.

God has assured me that it's all under control!

I'll tell you all about it on Monday.  (As if I could wait any longer.)


  1. I'll try to remember this little analogy as I go through my day. Thank you. Oh, and you're right about the gals (and an occasional man) who do the Note Card Parties. The best!

  2. I agree that Vee's note card parties are the best. Such a great group of bloggers participate! We only plant some herbs in pots. Our big gardening days are over, but it sure was good eating when we had gardens!


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