Monday, July 8, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

IN THIS POST, I said I would tell you about a trend that I've noticed when my husband, daughter, and I go to the flea market together.

My husband is the leader.  For real.  It doesn't matter how long your legs are, he can walk faster than you. Trust me on this -- he almost lost us all in Washington, D.C. one summer!

So at the flea market, he leads.  I tend to hang back, so my daughter keeps up with her dad.  I know my hubby probably has a list of guy-stuff that he is always looking for... but always on his mind, are the things that I enjoy.  That's just how God made him.  Over the years, I have learned to be careful about the things that I look twice at, or take an interest in... because one might show up in my Christmas stocking or something, you know? Yeah.  He loves me.

Lately at the flea market, we all look for blue canning jars.  So, typically, my husband goes full speed ahead -- but when he pauses at a booth or table, I know there is something to look at there.  Sometimes, he gives me a "look" -- no, not that look.  A look that says, "Check out that one.  Ask how much."  We've never discussed this, but it became obvious to me the other week because we spotted so many jars.  He was stopping to wait for me so often, and I finally realized that at each one of his "stops" there was something he wanted me to look at.  As soon as he knew I KNEW there was something to look at there, he would move on.

We don't like to stand there in deep conversation or appear too interested... you know, sometimes that drives up the price (or keeps it firm!)

Oh, we have all kinds of little tricks.  Some day, we might have to take this show on the road.  *wink

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  1. Ahhh...canning jars. I am about to inherit the batch left at the family cottage. My sister is even going to wash them for me. Perfect!

    How sweet to have a flea market warrior on your side!


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