Monday, July 1, 2013

Three Strikes?

On Saturday, we decided to head about an hour north to check out a Farmer's Market that my hubby had heard about on a local news show.  I had checked out the web-site, and there was a long list of participants.  It sounded like a neat place, so we were on our way -- and hoping to beat the predicted rain!

Here's the thing... the website was a little deceiving.  The market was pretty small with two small tables of limited vegetables.  Oh, there were a few other tables, but nothing that interested us.  Literally, we drove one hour to walk around for THREE minutes, and we were back in the van, headed to our next (unplanned) stop. (STRIKE ONE!)

Luckily, on the way to the Farmer's Market, we had passed a few garden centers, and so, we decided to check them out. At the first stop, we no sooner walked away from our van when there was a cloud-burst!  There was no place to take cover, so it was back to the van in a hurry!  (STRIKE TWO!)

As we drove to the next stop, the sky seemed to lighten a bit, and the rain became just a random mist.  We took our time looking around here.  Plants were displayed in gorgeous combinations of colors!  Between this place and the next one we visited, I've got a week's worth of pictures to show you.  Random blooms, water features, cute displays -- and lots of ideas swimming around in my head!

Luckily, I am part of a family of great adventurers!  We try and make the best of every situation, and never really know where our adventures will lead us.  This weekend, we didn't end up at an awesome Farmer's Market -- but we did get to visit some awesome garden centers!  There were no complaints.

What about you?  Did life throw you any curve-balls this weekend?

[Stay tuned for lots more garden center shots this week!]

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  1. I confess that I missed this one altogether. I might have been cheering for some local honey at the Farmer's Market. Perhaps an hour away isn't local enough, though.


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