Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Long Live the Blimp!

No matter how long we live here, we won't grow tired of seeing "our" blimp: The Spirit of Goodyear.  It lives in the neighborhood, and (as I'm sure I've mentioned before) it is often seen in the skies overhead.  O-F-T-E-N.  Just sayin'.  

One day last week, we headed out to our favorite flea market, and found that the blimp was following us along the way.  Reminiscent of our balloon-chasing days [okay, it was ONE TIME], we made a few quick turns, and found ourselves hot on the blimp's trail, trying to reach it before it touched down.  Unlike balloon-chasing, we knew where the blimp would land.

Well, let's say we assumed it would land.

Or not.  It seemed to be teasing us.  It got close, but... the ground crew seemed to be busy with other things -- so we knew it was a no-go.

And off it went again -- into the wild blue yonder.

Well, okay, it didn't really go all that far.  It swung a wide circle -- all the time within view, and then, next thing you know, it disappeared behind the hanger and reappeared close to the ground.

While we had been waiting for it to circle around, the ground crew made their appearance.  Everyone got into place.  Also, a shuttle bus dropped off a group of people, likely there for a ride.  There was much activity around the gondola.  And we took the opportunity to take some pictures!

An interesting side note?  My hubby had pulled into a parking lot at the hangar so we could watch the goings-on.  He was still in the driver's seat calling out pictures for the kids and I to take just a few steps away at the fence, while the kids and I were following his bidding... more or less.  "Get a picture of Mom with the blimp!" he called.  Right.  Then, Mom gets home and reviews all the pictures.  Once again, we didn't get Dad in any pictures.  And Dad didn't offer himself up for any photo ops.  He is very sneaky, that man!  Someday, I hope his great-great-grandchildren will know that he was a part of this family.  *humpf

All aboard?  Stations everyone.  Here we go again!

Long live The Spirit of Goodyear!

Do you have a favorite landmark or sight where you live that you never get tired of seeing?

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  1. How cool! The only notable landmark in Knoxville is our 30+ year old World's Fair tower.


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