Saturday, July 6, 2013

Her Eyes

It happened last evening.

My girl's mission for the day had been to RE-pack her suitcase (which has been packed since Sunday), causing her in fact, to choose a different suitcase entirely.  I could tell, it felt like an "upgrade" to her.  And it's her daddy's suitcase, which probably felt more like taking a bit of home with her instead of using her own duffle bag.

But then, when it should have been bedtime (because a mama knows, right?), she had a panic-stricken look in her eyes because she couldn't find the travel container for a bar of soap.  And I had to shut her down.  DONE. Don't care if you're not finished re-packing. Lights out.

She was all-consumed with what today would bring.  Today.  A day of no plans, but she was counting on our typical weekend adventuring.  And that was the bottom line.  She was counting on something familiar before a week of unknowns.  So, I had to remind her how many hours are in a day, and that she would have time for adventuring and finishing her packing.

Tonight, she'll be in a state of excitement-induced wakefulness, no doubt.  And that makes for a hard wake-up call Sunday morning.  We drop her off at church at 7AM.

We covet your prayers for our girl and the team as they serve the Lord this coming week in Chicago.

Please pray for:
*  team unity
*  good health for all
*  comfort for homesick kids
*  safety

Thank you!

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  1. Now that kind of excitement is contagious! She's going to have a great week! (She'll probably be too tired to be homesick.)


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