Monday, July 22, 2013

How To Host a Successful Outdoor Party

LOL.  That title really sounds like I know everything, doesn't it?  Well, I'll be the FIRST to admit THAT'S not true.  But, I did learn something in the process of preparing for this gathering.

You know how they start reporting weather on the weekend for the week to come?  Well, I didn't listen.  It's been a weird summer, weather-wise.  Cold, rainy days.  Lots of rain.  Then stifling heat, with a promise of relief after what?  More rain.  And I was gearing up to host a graduation party for our son?  I told myself that weather was not going to dictate my blood pressure last week as we prepared for the party, and that worrying wouldn't change the eventuality of what would happen anyway.  I told God, "I'll let you be in charge" -- and I meant it.  I didn't watch a lick of weather reporting during the week.  I hardly watched any news at all!  [I didn't want to take any chances of an encounter with the weather man!]  However, knowing what the previous days had held, we had to be prepared for the R word.

We couldn't count on being outdoors, and I didn't have room for everyone indoors.  That might sound like a bad game plan to you, but we decided to go for it anyways-- and God blessed it.

When I got up early Saturday morning, it was raining lightly and I said, "God -- that's okay.  The party's not until 4:00."  It was a somewhat overcast day with bits of sun.  The drizzly rain stopped before noon -- and it hadn't been enough to make the yard soggy.  The heat wasn't unbearable as it had been the week before.  By party time, it was all systems GO!

And GO we did!  We had over thirty guests, and the weather was fine for being outside.  The food seemed to be a hit.  In fact, I had so many comments to that effect that I told my daughter, "In three more years, we're using the very same menu for your party!"

I took a lot of notes on quantities, and of things I did along the way to help ease the workload on the day of the party -- including enlisting the help of some family and friends.  {More about that tomorrow.}

All in all, it was a great day, with a great mix of people -- and not one drop of rain during the party!  As my hubby and I looked around at our guests, we couldn't help but smile.  Sweet success!

p.s.  See?  I don't really know all the answers.  I'm just learning to roll with it. *wink


I loved this post from Vee: "Use Your Words"


  1. Glad that the weather cooperated and you had a great time! Over 30 people? Wowsers!

  2. I would say you lucked out. I remember one of my son's graduation party. It was raining and we were all crowded inside. No one went downstairs . I got stuck in a corner but it all worked out. Congratulations to your son.
    We got quite the downpour here this morning. So much rain.....but better than no rain.

  3. I'm going to follow that plan (of not listening to the weatherman) for the rest of the summer. Not listening to the news would just be a bonus. So glad that everything worked out and that a good time was had by all!


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