Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life ~ Paper Tricks

Maybe you've already thought of this.  Or maybe you haven't.  So, I'm going to share - K?

I ordered the Project Life Turquoise Collection Card Stock pack.  It includes 24 sheets of double-sided cardstock.  That means four sheets of six different designs -- but really... TWO sheets of each of the 12 designs.  Are you with me?  I don't have any definite intentions for using the cardstock.  I don't plan on doing any full-sheet layouts, so -- I got to thinking about how I could cut the cardstock up to use behind cropped photos in my album w/ Photo Pocket Design A.

I set aside one page for each of the 12 designs - just so that I have some full sheets to fall back on if needed.  I'm careful that way. *rolls eyes*  I took the remaining sheets and cut them in half, and then in thirds -- making cards that will fit into the photo pockets.  I cut one sheet, and then took the matching sheet and rotated it 1 turn, so that when I cut it - the design on the rectangular pieces were different -- you know, just to keep things interesting. Now, I have a pile of 4 x 6 cards to slip in a photo pocket behind a photo.

Let me show you.

^In this case, I cut the paper so that my photos and dots ended up looking different on each card.  Obviously a bunch of the cards were just the grid.

^In this case, it didn't matter which way I turned the paper.  Any way you slice it, it always comes up peanuts.  (Anyone remember that old SNICKERS commercial?)

^And in this case, by turning the page before cutting, I ended up with some cards with vertical stripes, and some with horizontal stripes.

I just need to round all of those corners.

Have you ordered cardstock to match your binder?
How will you use it?

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  1. I have been doing the same thing as I need them. Have some vertical/horizontal stripes. Plus, I've also done the same with some of the "word paper" (if that makes sense at all!).


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