Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So, You Know What They Say...

Be nice to me... OR I'LL BLOG ABOUT YOU (dear Sister).

I've been doing some blog posts here and there about the 52 weeks to a more organized home, and this week it's all about your refrigerator and freezer.  That is not typically one of my trouble-spots (as I may have mentioned previously - when I said that I take some good-natured "ribbing" about it from my mom and sister) -- and so I haven't posted anything about it yet (sheesh, it's only MONday).  [officially a run-on sentence, I know]

Well, (ahem), my sister may or may not have posted this with a finger pointing at me on Twitter (actually she DID):

and then...

Did you SEE that?  She even stuck her tongue out at me in that second tweet!  Honestly, the abuse I take.

Anybody out there with a neat and tidy refrigerator?

Shout it loud.  Shout it proud.

I know.  I know.  Paybacks.  

Thankfully, our family usually dwells within the realm of good taste.
(sigh of relief)

All in good fun, people.  All in good fun.

p.s.  Just so you know... I get the "52" e-mails, so I am still following along.  Some weeks are just bigger than others around here.  At your house, too -- right?

p.s.s.  Aren't "screen shots" a great thing?  Yeah.  Love 'em.  *smirk*


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