Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Letting Go, One Mug at a Time

Oh my gosh - between regular mugs and travel mugs, MUGS had completely taken over the mug-cupboard.  So, in cleaning out the cupboard last week, I had to come to grips with two things:
  1. the fact that our travel mugs are necessary, as my hubby takes a cup of coffee for the drive to work every morning, and truth be told, they are convenient (travel mugs for hot, and insulated cold-cups w/ straws!)
  2. we don't need as many regular mugs as we had
I mean to tell you, mugs were really piling up.  I had them stacked up the wazoo (ya'll know how high the wazoo is, right?) as if I was having 20 friends for coffee and tea every day. Um, there's only four of us who live here.  Three drink hot beverages on a regular basis. And really?  We drink from the same silly mug all day (sometimes longer) -- so why do I need 20???  Tell me.  Why do I even need TEN?

The "AFTER" shot -- and there's still purging to be done!

Some of these mugs, I actually felt a little sentimental about.  Shortly after we got married, my parents got us two mugs with the name of a country store -- that was also our family name. One mug has since been broken, but the other remains, and c'mon now -- I can almost still make out the name.  I think it's ours.  (Mom, no need to call.  I KNOW I have your permission to part with it...)

Okay, okay -- so I over-dramatize.
(except for that last paragraph)

But do you catch my drift?  It's called a RUT people -- a rut, and I am definitely in my share of them around here.  As I look at the photo above, I'm wondering why I even keep the cups with saucers that are part of our every-day dishes.  They were a wedding gift.  And LOOK - there's ROOM for them, isn't there?  Still doesn't really change the fact that we don't use them, huh?  Okay, okay - so there's more purging to do.  But things are definitely changing around here, and I think I'm on the right track!

Yep - I'm even thinking of getting rid of this "BURNS AND SCALDS" info sheet inside my cupboard door.  I'm pretty sure that all four of us have been burned any number of times in this very kitchen, and not once have we thought to look inside the cupboard door to see what to do.  Not. Once.

You can do it.
Don't be shy.

Just have a little talk with yourself,
and try to be realistic.
[There's the rub!]

Okay, I'm off to clean the cupboard under the sink.

52 Week Organized Home Challenge
WEEK TWO MISSION: Kitchen drawers and cabinets


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