Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Life ~ Disney Journaling, Ephemera, and Wishes

I am SO HAPPY that I kept a journal on our Disney trip.  For those of you who may be new here, our trip of a lifetime was a 50th Anniversary Celebration trip (Nov. '10).  My parents (whom we were celebrating), my sister's family, and my family (11 in all) traveled together.   We ranged in age from 10-70, and were an exceptional travel crew!  (At the time, the kids were 10, 11, 11, 12, & 16.)

First stop: A cruise on the Disney Wonder.
Second stop: Disney World - specifically The Magic Kingdom, and Epcot.  We stayed at the Pop Culture Resort.  (UPDATE:  oops, I always get that wrong.  It's Pop CENTURY. Thanks Jill!)

Anyway, back to my journaling.... I'm so glad I kept the journal - it will help "fill in the blanks" for me as I do this Disney album.  Without it, I might never have remembered that my daughter got stung by a jellyfish, or that I got locked out of our room while our kids were fast asleep (gearing up for the midnight shipboard PremEar of Tangled).  I even made notes about some of the new foods that we tried.

Travel goodies that I'll include in my Disney Project Life.
  1. luggage tags
  2. boarding passes
  3. ID cards from The Disney Wonder
  4. daily newsletters from the cruise
  5. kids menus from the cruise
  6. meal assignment tickets from the cruise
  7. journaling summaries of each day's activities
  8. famous Disney quotes (or maybe other quotes that seem appropriate)
  9. "Keys to the World" from WDW
  10. WDW brochure w/ list of rides, etc.
  11. cool paper clips
  12. maps
  13. receipts
What's the most unique ephemera that you've
ever included in a scrapbook layout?

    Right now, my wishlist at Amazon contains these items from Becky Higgins:
    1. Photo Pocket Pages - Big Pack of Design A - I am committing in my mind to eliminate vertical shots.  I may have to get creative - but I'm going to stick with Design A.
    2. 6 x 12 Page Protectors - for areas of more story-telling
    3. Project Life Core Kit - Turquoise Edition (a must-have)
    4. Big Envelope Pages - still debating on this.  If my newsletters, brochures, menus and such fit into 8.5 x 11 page protectors, and the small stuff will fit in the photo/journaling slots, there might not be a need for these afterall...
    Some of the out-of-stock products say "Coming February 2012," but something Becky posted the other day seemed to indicate MID-February.  (rats)

    "Ever forward, but slowly."
    ~Von Blucher


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