Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recipes, Cookbooks, and Some Treasures

Since we're supposed to be tidying up our recipes and cookbooks this week (are ya still playing along?), I thought I'd show you how I have my recipes organized.  I am not a crazy-wild recipe collector -- probably because I'm kind of a chicken about trying new things. There's nothing worse than a "flop" from your own kitchen.  Everyone in our little family tends to like what they like, and doesn't want to be bothered with the rest.  My sweet hubby is the most adventurous, and likes to do the most experimenting in the kitchen.

Anyway, back to my recipes.  Many of the recipes that I've saved are old standbys, used often.  Some are clippings of classics, like Rice Krispies Treats because, isn't it good to always have that recipe on file?  There are some that are copied or clipped because I genuinely think I will try them someday... when the time is right. (Can you say STALLING?) Still others are handed down from family members, and I just cannot bear to part with them. (i.e. My gram's peanut butter cookie recipe is not a favorite at our house, but I will never part with it.)

Recently, I sat down and went through my entire recipe drawer, and discarded a lot of recipes that just weren't going to happen.  I'm happy as long as everything fits in one drawer -- so that's enough discarding for now.

With the exception of a handful of cookbooks that I refer to, and another handful of recipes that are saved here on my computer, all of my recipes can be found in this little drawer.  I have tabbed-dividers for appetizers, salads, desserts, etc.

This is one of three drawers found in this sweet little "recipe box" that my dad made for me. (The other two are used for other purposes.)  My mom has always-as-long-as-I-can-remember had a 3-drawer like this (I'm not sure where she got it).  My dad copied the design, and made one for me and for my sister as well.  It's one of my treasures.

It's gotten beaten up over the years -- even pulled right off the counter-top by a pre-schooler whizzing by at top speed!  So, it definitely has some knicks and scratches.  One of the drawer-fronts has even been broken in half.  Still, it remains one of my proudest little treasures -- all the more special, knowing that it was made with love especially for me.

While we're talking about my dad and treasures, let me show you this beautiful china shelf that he made for me as well.

Again, my mom has a shelf JUST LIKE this.  Dad took measurements, and traced shelf profiles making copycat shelves for my sister and I.  Isn't it beautiful?

I love having my dad's handiwork in our home.  These are treasures indeed.  As are the recipes that are tried and true, and have stood the test of time.

Do you have a special way of storing
or organizing your recipes?


  1. Wow! What a guy he must be. (from a lifetime admirer)

  2. I am a big collector of recipe books. I love them. Sometimes I just sit and read them. I love the recipe box and the shelf made by your Dad. Those are wonderful keepsakes. Blessings!

  3. I really need to go through my recipes and throw out the ones that I will never in a million years ever make. Love the three drawer cabinet!

  4. It sounds like your dad is one special fella, Sal!
    Treasures indeed.
    I have a recipe card book where I keep all my go-to recipes, but the rest are in a big, messy stack in a cupboard. I go through them from time to time, and rarely throw any away because apparently I am delusional and still think I will make them one of these days, even through they've been in the pile for years and years.
    BTW, teriyaki pork roast sounds delish!


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