Friday, January 6, 2012

Still With the Counter Tops...

So, you've seen this:

Oh look, the sink needs to be emptied again.  (If you're working on the 52-week challenge, you know what this means!)  Now... move with me clockwise.

This is the "business" section of my counter space.  I do almost all my food prep in this little corner.  It's most convenient here since I'm right between the sink and the stove-top.

Here's what's currently in this corner:
  1. The glass canister that held peppermint teabags for my Christmas "hot beverage station."  Currently, I have my new silicone mini-muffin molds stashed in there.  It's a temporary thing.  I was enjoying the red and green.
  2. My new wax warmer, and all the yummy wax flavors I've gotten so far.  I like the warmer here, but need to think of a way to stash the wax.  It doesn't need to be visible.
  3. The 3-drawer recipe box made by my dad.  It is modeled after one my mom has had ever since I can remember.  A treasure - obviously.
  4. Some of the bowls from my bowl collection.  I like them on the counter.  They are easily accessible.  But...I'm open to suggestions.  No real cupboard space currently available for them.
  5. Some miscellaneous things that can go elsewhere.
  6. And, oh look - the sink needs to be emptied again.
I feel like I need to work on this space a little and tweak it to make it simpler.  The recipe box used to be across the room on a shelf, and it worked fine for me there.  It only got moved here during the Christmas decorating, so it will probably move back.

I like to have something decorative in this corner, since this is where I stand all the time. Maybe something bright like this vase of lemons that I saw on  That would sure brighten up the spot -- and I'd like something with some height back in this corner.  Right now, the little snowman chalkboard is making me happy.  (My sister Jill painted him.)

The other issue I have with this space is the outlet and light switch.  As convenient as they are, they are in the way.  (And if that makes any sense at all, well then -- you know exactly what I mean!)

Here's what I whittled it down to for now:

Anyways, here's the other area of counter space -- although that might be overstating it. It's just a tiny little area to the right of my stove.  It's great to have the toaster here, rather than taking up room on one of the other counters.  I moved the knife-block and the cutting boards over to the workspace, which made room for the teapot, which never seems to have a home.  Also, the ever-present lunch money jar, which is currently  "on empty."

I'm already on to the kitchen drawers.  Here are some tips:
  1. Store like items together.  This might be a given.  But when you really start to dissect your kitchen drawers, is that the way you have them organized?  I found that I had meds stored in a few places.  I relocated some to join the others in one drawer, and freed up space in another drawer!
  2. Consolidate. (Discard the unused or unwanted items and organize the remaining.)  I do this every couple of years, and here's a good way to do it.  I've always had one big drawer of all of the kitchen gadgets we own.  I take everything out, and put it in a box.  You may want to leave the box someplace close by, or put it on an accessible shelf in the basement.  AS YOU NEED THINGS (and realize that you WILL for a couple days or even weeks), go and retrieve them from the box.  After a period of time (six months/a year?), discard the box and everything that remains in it.
Disclaimer: My intention is not to just repeat ideas from the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge but to share specific things that have worked for ME in this challenge as well as tricks I've learned over the years.  My hope is that something I mention will be helpful to you.  Afterall, I've learned all kinds of things that I never would've thought of from BLOGGERS!

So, how did your week go?

Feeling pretty good about those counter tops?

Oh, and go empty your sink... again.

52 Week Organized Home Challenge
WEEK ONE MISSION: kitchen counter tops and sink
NEXT WEEK: kitchen cabinets and cupboards

p.s.  If the 52 week challenge is too "broad" for you, check out these printable calendar pages at My Simple Life.  They give a very specific task for each day.


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