Friday, January 13, 2012

On Being Proactive...

Did you ever just have "a day?"

That's what my friend, Rhonda, likes to say.  "I'm having a day!" -- and we know to stay clear.

Well, today - I'm having a day!

ONE.  It started with dropping my son off at school for his second day of semester exams.  He texted me about an hour later and said that we blew it, and he had been one period late for his first exam.  (All exams are allotted TWO periods.)  Instantly my blood pressure went up, and oh, it really got to me... because we READ all of the instructions (remember, we're new at this!) to make SURE that we did things right on these two exam days!

TWO.  I decided to order Project Life for my 2010 Disney Cruise/Trip pictures.  A binder, cardstock to match, and some page protectors.  However, I realized that the core kit and the other style page protectors that I need are not available.  Rats.  I was really motivated to get started on this project, too!

THREE.  I decided to get ahead of the game, and order my 300+ Disney prints from Walgreens, because they have a ten-cent deal this week.  However, for some reason, my computer will not process my order.

Today, is just a comedy of errors.

Here's what I did well today.  I prayed rather than get too frustrated.  I walked away when the computer started making me nuts.  And... I did a little "reaching out."

FIRST.  I sent an e-mail to the school principal.  I told her that I am not typically a "complainer", and so I hoped she would read my e-mail with that in mind.  I then proceeded to share with her our confusion over the exam schedule, and mentioned (kindly) that I thought perhaps that could be explained more clearly in the future.

I also prepared an attendance excuse for "To Whom It May Concern" in the attendance office.  It explained my son's late arrival today, and ask that he be excused.

SECOND.  I left sweet Becky Higgins a tweet, asking her if she could give me a clue about waiting for the turquoise core kit.  I'm wondering if I need to shift my design plan into another binder and kit.  I'm hoping she can tell me if the items I'm interested in will ever be restocked....

THIRD.  When my on-line ordering with Walgreens wasn't working, I called my local store to make sure they weren't already printing out a bazillion sets of my Disney prints because I had gotten over-exhuberant on the computer.  (You know, ENTER.  ENTER. ENTER.  Why isn't this WORKing?)  A sweet photo desk employee recommended that I restart my computer, and assured me that she was not printing a bazillion sets of pictures with my name on them. Well, that's a relief. 

You know,
Mama always said,
"you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!"

UPDATE: As I am still preparing this post, Becky Higgins (I TOLD you she was sweet!) has already responded to me on Twitter to say this: "Yep, we are making more Turquoise Editions. ETA unknown just yet."  Awesome.

UPDATE: It is now 7:45 Thursday evening, and I just got off the phone with the high school principal.  She was concerned that families (like us) did not get the correct information about exam scheduling, and she wanted to know about the document that we received.  After some discussion, and comparing it to information on the website, we realized that a table had been omitted from the document that was sent home.  I didn't read the on-line version.  She apologized for the mistake, and then asked about my son, and if he was able to complete his exam.  In fact, he was not.  She told me that she will make allowances for him to complete it when school resumes on Tuesday.

UPDATE: I know - you want an update on Walgreens too, right?  Sorry.  Still -- I'm still working on that one.

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  1. Yay! So glad things are turning out much better than they started. I completely understand that kind of day. Sometimes I just want to crawl back into bed and wait for a new day. But God can redeem any day!


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