Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life ~ A 365 (POTD) Approach

So I promised to tell you about my approaches to Project Life.

The first time I used Project Life was in 2010.  My sister challenged me (because I took so many pictures at the time) to do a POTD, or 365 project.  I was up for the challenge, and so I began.  First, I decided to share the photos in a facebook group, where my family and friends could see them.  Some photos were of our home and family, and whatever happened to be going on around here.  Other pictures were more creative, and there were lots of photos of flowers in the spring-time!  I wasn't really sure what format I should use for keeping all of these pictures -- until I heard about Becky Higgins and Project Life.  Becky said that Project Life could be perfect for a POTD project, and so I ordered a kit.  While I waited for it's arrival, I read everything I could from people who had already filled up albums.  There were lots of different approaches.

Project Life Delivery ~ My POTD on July 21, 2010

There were LOTS of creative approaches that seemed more than a little overwhelming to me at the time.  Afterall, my project was about a picture a day, and all I needed to be able to do was journal about that picture.  At the time, the page protector that was offered with the kit was 4 horizontal photo spots (2 on top, 2 on bottom) with 4 vertical journal spots lined up in between (Design A).

A typical left-hand page

I watched a video done by Becky, where she showed how to "pre-load" your album as an option.  I thought that might be just the ticket, and so I started by pre-loading my album so that every 2-page spread would look exactly the same (the exception being when I had to accommodate vertical photos or add memorabilia).

A vertical photo -- uses part of a picture slot, and a journaling slot.

As you look at each 2-page spread, there are eight photo spots, and eight journaling spots. Since each 2 pages represent a week, that leaves one horizontal photo spot open, and one journaling spot open.  I placed one of the 4x6 date cards in that photo spot (always the top left spot for me), and a decorative 2.75" x 3.75" card in the extra journaling spot (same spot on every page -- I was a little obsessive-compulsive about my journaling spots matching up with my photos consistently).

A typical 2-page spread

Keep in mind that I literally started this project on January 1st, so my week started on Saturday and ended on Friday.  I basically just shuffled the journaling cards and used them as they came to the top of the pile.  Sometimes, if I had a vertical picture that could be cropped to fit in a journaling spot, I would use the 4x6 picture slot for a larger journaling card.  I tried to be flexible, but as a beginner, it was just easier for me to be more cut-and-dry about the process.

I ordered the system sometime during the summer, and worked really hard at catching up. I kept up for a while... and then, not so much.  I DID end up finishing the album just after year-end though -- well, with one exception.  You'll laugh to know that I JUST placed my final picture in last week. Somehow, one photo got overlooked, and I promised myself that the next time I ordered photos, I would include that ONE in my order.  Well, that was just last week.  So taa-daa, I am officially finished with my POTD or 365 album for 2010.  A success!

<<<Thoughts on a POTD (picture-of-the-day) album...
It was fun.  One time.
It sort of started to feel like a chore.  And then -- my kids are teens,
so honestly -- they didn't want me in their face EVERY DAY
trying to take "that" picture.
It got a little tricky, and the winter was especially l-o-n-g.
I WISH the idea was something I had known about/thought about
when our kids were little!!!
I'm not sure I would ever do it again, but it was fun -- as I said, ONCE.>>>

But the Project Life concept?  Yes, please.  So glad I ordered it for my Disney album.  I plan to do it totally differently.

And I'll tell you about that next time...
In the meantime,
here's a great Project Life video done by Becky Higgins herself.
It'll show you how to get started!


  1. I agree it has been lots of fun! It has gotten easier to keep up with lately because I don't worry about having a photo each day - it's more like a recap of the week as a whole. And I always take at least 7 photos a week. Plus I don't mind sticking a piece of cardstock in a slot if I truly have nothing! Oh and now I'm using my iphone a lot so it's always with me. I have teens too. I try to have them in at least one photo per week but that doesn't always happen. Let's just say they are very happy that I'm interested in taking pics of flowers, food, etc!

  2. Oooh, super curious to know about your Disney album. I have four trips worth of pictures and I never thought about using them in a project life album. Can't wait to hear!


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