Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Life ~ Getting Unstuck

I have a confession to make.

[My mom (and scrappin' buddy) will read this and say she already knew...]

The Project Life album that I used for my Project 365 in 2010.

My scrapbooking patterns have changed.  Somewhere in between me starting a blog (Oct. '10), our Disney Trip (Nov. '10), Project 365 (all of 2010), and my summer job (2011), I got waaaaaay behind in my "regular" scrapbooking.  Like pictures-stored-on-the-computer-and-not-even-printed behind.

I love doing pretty layouts, and am pretty "old-school" -- meaning I don't use a lot of gadgets and techniques.  My layouts are more simple.  Even so, I felt stuck.  As if something was keeping me from moving forward and catching up with my albums.

Something was keeping me from getting back up to speed after a slow year.  I kind of knew what it was, and wasn't sure how to face it.

It was the Disney album.
Or should I say, the IDEA of doing a Disney album?
For over a year,
I've wavered between doing a Shutterfly book,
or creating my own pages with Disney products.
I just wasn't sure where to begin.
How to edit all those photos.
What materials to use.
What kind of album?
I. Was. SO. Torn.

My indecision was making me feel STUCK as far as moving forward in any of my daily scrappin' endeavers.  I felt like I couldn't move forward until I had managed this BIG PROJECT.

In the meantime, Becky Higgins was totally promoting her new Project Life supplies.  No longer a kit (like I used for my Project 365 in 2010), you now order your items ala carte.  I read everything Becky and Ali Edwards write on their blogs, facebook, and twitter -- because I really admire them, and like their individual styles as well.  Recently, Becky wrote, "...simple is my personal style and I don’t add much of anything..."  That's the whole point of her Project Life products... SIMPLICITY -- so that we can easily keep up with our memory-keeping.

Ali, on the other hand, adds LOTS of ephemera, and stuff from the daily-ness of her days -- which I love.  She also adds a lot of technique -- which I admire, but isn't necessarily my thing at all.  So, I find I am a mix of the two, I guess.  Ali uses Becky's PRODUCTS and shares lots of Project Life ideas on her BLOG as well.

Becky also has a great creative team, and shares lots of awesome ideas from them as well as other fans of her Project Life line.

Well, better late than never, right Becky?  Sign me up!

I decided to purchase the Project Life Binder ~ Turquoise Edition for my Disney Album.  I perused all of the pretty albums, and decided I liked the colors of the Turquoise Edition best for my photos, and all of the circles are reminiscent of that famous Mickey Mouse head!

So, I took the plunge and ordered.  The binder, the matching cardstock, and some photo pocket pages - Design C.  Becky said that more of the Turquoise Core Kits will eventually be available.  So, my plan is to wait for those, and some of the other page protector styles that are not available right now.  You see -  my approach is going to be a little different than how I tackled my Project 365.

The supplies I'll be using for my Disney album ~ The Turquoise Edition

I've been tracking my Project Life shipment all week, and it finally arrived on Friday. Eeeeek!  I'm only a little excited to get started.  

Stay tuned.
I'll tell you about my Project 365,
and how I plan to tackle the Disney album


  1. You go, girl! I'm impressed with any form of scrapbooking that actually gets accomplished. It would seem that I never get further than buying all the pretty supplies. Plus, the few layouts I've actually done have taken me weeks. I agonize over every detail. It's pathetic.
    I can't wait to see how you document the happiest place on earth.
    Now you've gone and made me realize just how much I miss Mickey and the gang.
    Scrap on, Sal!

  2. This is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see more!


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