Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trial Run

Mom wakes Son, and heads downstairs to start lunches, make Son a cup of tea, and Hubby a cup of coffee on this chilly morning.  Sun not up.  Darkness hovers, making the neighborhood tree line indistinguishable. 

Son wakes Dad, and heads downstairs.  He is surprised by the cup of tea, and sits down to eat and organize his new organizer.  He is dressed as if he'll soon head out the door.  But, today is only a "fire drill" as dear Daughter put it.  Son will NOT walk to the corner for an imaginary bus. 

(Pause to remember his first day of Kindergarten homeschool, when he came down to breakfast bright and early in his church clothes!)

Dad wakes daughter, and heads downstairs where coffee is ready and lunch is made.  Dad IS really going to work.  Those who talk in the morning talk.  They feel they must.  Those who don't talk in the morning (and we have BOTH in our household), don't talk.  They roll their eyes at the talkers.

Mom heads upstairs to check on Daughter, who is laying in bed awake, and wondering ?REALLY? at the "fire drill."  Yes, really.  Time to get up.  This is a new schedule, and we'll all abide by it, and eventually get used to it.

The sky is lightening, although there is no actual view of the sun just yet.  Like clockwork, Hubby is out the door with hugs and kisses, and wishes for a good day.  Tomorrow, Son will follow, walking to the end of the street for the bus.

It's a funny thing:
The other day, I was talking with my parents and sister about wanting to snap a picture of my son walking to the bus stop - this being his first time, and all.  I mentioned that the picture would probably have to be "on the sly" and from behind, because he'd be too mortified to stand outside for a photo shoot with his mom in the morning.  MY mom said, "Let him start walking to the bus, and then CALL him so he turns around." 

My response:  "I can't CALL him -- he's not supposed to have his phone turned on!" 

Mom: "CALL HIM.  You know - CALL his name?  So he turns around?  I taught you how to CALL someone, right?"

WOW - did I really just convert to the thinking of the younger generation there for a minute?  Scary.

And in summary:
I'm glad we did the trial run.  Tomorrow will be a good day, and I won't wake up wondering if we can get the guys out the door on time.  It'll be fine.  Right about now, I'm realizing that the hard part will be holding on to the idea that we'll all abide by this schedule and get used to it... when what my daughter I really want to do is go back to bed.

Happy Back-to-School!
(I can't believe I just typed that!)


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