Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Connections Day"

Today was yesterday's routine repeated.  Basically.  Allowing, of course, for a wardrobe change due to the fact that it was POURING DOWN RAIN and COLD.  Huh?  Is it still August?  Oh right, we're in Ohio.  All bets are off.

Dear Son is off to "connect," and is out of touch.  I've gotten used to being "in touch" this summer.  He has gotten so good at calling when he was transitioning from one spot to another in his busy social life.  I love his wise-guy greeting, "Hi Mommy!" before he proceeds to tell me where he and his friends are off to next.  There are no phone calls today.  Just quiet.  He walked to meet the bus in the dark, and the pouring rain - way too cool to allow me to drive him down the street and wait with him.  I offered, and made it his choice.  Umbrella?  No thanks.  Coolness at it's ultimate.

I don't mind telling you that my daughter and I are a little lost.  We aren't officially starting school today... more like tomorrow.  Sort of.  Today, she promised to bake cookies for her brother -- for his after school snack.  That's my girl.

I can't wait to "connect" around 3:00.  I want to hear all about his day.  Maybe when he walks in the door he'll say, "Hi Mommy!" -- in that wise-guy way of his.

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  1. Starting school has been so hard for us and it is only Kindergarten! I miss our "connections" from summer break ;)


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