Monday, August 8, 2011

The Principal's Office

Tomorrow, I am headed to the principal's office.  After years of homeschooling, we are enrolling our son in high school to complete his Junior and Senior years.  Homeschooling worked.  And then - not so much for this man-cub of ours.  He is a social animal (so to speak), and we agreed to agree that it was time.

Hard. To. Swallow.

Feels. Like. Failure.

I know it is not failure.  I know -- HURRAY for us, for figuring it out... that it was time.

I don't feel like "HURRAY" just yet.

Tomorrow, my husband and I will escort our man-cub to the principal's office for the very first time.  (May it be the last. Amen.)

Proof of residency required.  Proof of birth required - as if the man-cub's mere presence isn't enough.  Proof of studies studied required.

Also, I want to prove that we believe that this is the very best next step for our son.  That we want this to work (and work well) for him.  I want to prove that we are a good family, and that we love our children well, telling them every day, and often -- and that this is where we believe God would have our son at this point in time.

But perhaps more than anything, I want to prove that I can get through this meeting without throwing up.  Then, and only then will there be cause for celebration.

{I know -- sometimes HONESTY isn't pretty.}


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