Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Crafting - Put a RUSH on it!

I'm telling you what...  You have to get up pretty early in Northeast Ohio to find spring-time craft supplies before they're gone.  After a mild winter, Ohio crafters were apparently chomping at the bit to get everything they might ever need to complete their spring-time crafts.  By the time a foot-draggin' crafter like ME got there... things were sadly picked over.

For example:  try to find a paper mache egg to craft with.  Go ahead.  Try.  I finally found one bag of six small ones at Michaels.  Then, the other day when I stopped in at DrugMart, there was a small pile of larger ones.  I grabbed one of those to throw into the mix.

Inspired by THIS, my goal was to use my old hymnal pages to decoupage an egg or two.  I'm not gonna lie: this was a cinch, but it was also more time consuming that I thought it would be.  I couldn't accomplish much in one sitting simply because there was not much dry space on the egg where I could easily hold it.  I ended up using strips from my hymnal pages to complete the large, and one small egg.  I did two more small eggs with tissue paper.

Here's what I have so far.  Isn't it nice of this bunny to be my spring-time model?  The poor guy hops all over this house trying to help me out.

I do like the look of the eggs.  The larger one has a flat bottom on which to stand, but is also weighted with a little loose sand, so that it doesn't roll if you want to place it on it's side.

And... the yellow one has a sweet little surprise on one side!

Now, if I had only shopped early enough to find a NEST for them.  Maybe next year?

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  1. I love your hymnal mod podged eggs! (And, yes, I know 'podged' isn't a verb ...). That bunny is the best too. Love that little guy.

    So next year you can either (1) wish for a colder winter than we had this past winter in the Midwest or (2) get to the craft store before the hoards of crafters!

    Thanks so much for linking it up at our "It's a Cinch" party!



  2. Cute Easter eggs:)Love the spring vignette with the adorable bunny! Recently I decoupaged some Easter eggs with tissue paper as well and I agree with you... was very time consuming, but the effort is so worth it... the hymnal pages on these eggs make them so vintage looking:)Thanks for the inspiration! Visiting from It's a Cinch Party. Have a great weekend!Hugs,Poppy

  3. I love it, I am loving all things sheet music and book page these days. Thanks so much for sharing this at our party!

  4. I absolutely love these eggs!

    Who needs a nest - just sprinkle some shredded paper around them - that's what I used as Easter "grass" this year.

    So glad you joined our Cinch party.

    New Linky follower

  5. What an amazing project! I love that the eggs are extra special with the hymn book pages! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thanks for linking up to our party!



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