Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project Pinterest: Ornament with Vintage Hymnal Pages


We've had a craftier year around here than usual.  Pinterest has given us the craft-bug (my daughter and I).  We found a few low-pressure, easy-to-make things to add to our Christmas decor.  For example, as soon as I saw THIS ORNAMENT IDEA, I knew I had to try it.  You may have heard me talk about my vintage hymnal.  It ended up with me when my grandparents passed away.  There aren't any strong memories associated with the hymnal, but I loved the look of it, and it ended up at our home.  For several years, it sat on my piano, and then, it seemed like another thing collecting dust (don't hate me - I go through "stages" with stuff...)  At any rate, I've gotten some ideas about how to use the pages -- like this Paper Chain and this Decoupaged Plate.

More and more goodies have shown up on Pinterest using vintage pages from both books and sheet music.  My hymnal just happened to be a combination of both.  Of course, with Christmas coming, the Pinterest ornament idea caught my eye.  These fillable ornaments are really popular at the craft stores.  I got mine at Michael's.  You can find them in plastic or glass.

Here are the supplies I used to make mine:
~vintage hymnal pages cut into narrow strips~
~plastic or glass fillable ornaments ~
~scissors, pencil~
~Buffalo Snow Flakes (iridescent sprinkles)~
~mini jingle bells~
~cord or ribbon for hanging~

1.  Cut hymnal pages vertically into narrow strips.
2.  Curl tightly around a pencil.

3.  While still holding curl tight, push through top of ornament (paper will uncurl slightly).

4.  Fill ornament with curled music strips.

5.  Add glittery iridescent snow.  (I used about a teaspoon or so.)

6.  Place 2 mini jingle bells inside ornament.

7.  Remove wire from ornament cap, and string on 1 jingle bell.

8.  Replace wire, and return ornament cap to it's position.
9.  Add metallic elastic cord for hanging.

This was a fun craft!  It wasn't anything too difficult -- it just took some time to curl the paper strips.  It was a great thing to do in the evening while we wound down in front of our favorite Christmas movies.  My daughter even got in on the act.  When we were all done, we started talking about all of the possible options for this craft.  You could:

* use colorful cardstock cut in strips (Christmas colors, or the color of your decor!)
* use double sided scrapbooking papers in fun Christmas prints

The possibilities are really endless.

Just so you know... No.  You can't really see the jingle bells IN the ornament.  That's why I included one on top.  You can hear them, when the ornament moves around, though.

Also, the snow tends to settle (just like a snow globe).  I like to roll the ornaments in my hands to move the snow around.  If I had it to do again, I might add a swipe from a glue stick to every other paper strip or so, and shake on the snow.  That way it would be more visable.

But -- all-in-all, SUCCESS.  Loved this craft!  (Now to find spots on the Christmas tree!)

Here are the rules:
1. Decide which pin on Pinterest you’d like to recreate.
2. Create it!
3. Flop or success, create a blog post about your re-do and include the original pin’s url
4. Add the Project Pinterest button to your post so others can join in too!
5. Link up and check out other bloggers’ posts!

I'm also linking up over at The Shady Porch, and A Bowl Full of Lemons, and with Jennifer Rizzo for Fabulously Creative Friday.

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  1. So cute! I finally donated the two old hymnals I had sitting around - now I wish I hadn't!

  2. Wow! Those are really cool! I bet if a study were done, it would say that crafting is up about 56.9% since Pinterest has become so popular. Really great project! Thanks for linking up with Project Pinterest!

  3. I love this! Just might have to try it! (Of course, since Pinterest entered my life, I've gotten really good at procrastinating all the other stuff I'm supposed to do!)

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful tips. I think this is a fabulous idea!!! I will be making these later this week if I can get to Hobby Lobby! Dianntha

  5. I really love this! I made a similar ornament as a gift for friends w/ their wedding invitation cut in strips and rolled like this. Now I want to try it with some vintage sheet music I have. I really love your jingle bell touch. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are really cute and a treasure too because the hymnal belonged to your grandparents. What a fabulous way to preserve some memories, Sally! Thank you so much for sharing at my HOME and have a beautiful day.


  7. Love this idea! Stop by House on the Way tomorrow to see your ornaments featured! Feel free to grab a button! Have a great night!

  8. Thank you Sally for linking up and sharing your beautiful ornament. It's a great idea! Your photography is gorgeous! ~ Julie

  9. Your ornaments look fabulous. They really look like fun. I just might try them. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower.

  10. Made one last night but I also agree, the next one I do will have a little glue on each strip. My problem is I photocopied the sheet music so it was only one sided. I will do the next one double-sided but you were right it was easy. Plan to make more!. Melody

    1. Yay - thanks for reporting back Melody! I'm glad they worked out for you.

  11. I love those!! Great idea. Thanks for linking up.


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