Meet Sally

I celebrated my 50th birthday in 2012, and was inspired (by a fellow blogger) to "embrace the number" by sharing the same number of facts about myself.  There's nothing too amazing about this list, but I thought that perhaps it was a good way to tell you a little more about myself, and to finally do this "about" page, which I've been putting off forEVer.  {Be warned: you will also find this list in five separate posts under the category "50."}

So here we go -in no particular order:

1. Who am I?  A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a friend -- and even more important than all of that... I am a child of God.  (It's possible that I should've listed/counted all of those titles separately...)

2. I'm only "brand conscious" about a few things.  For example: I always thought I had to buy a certain brand of ketchup for my family.  One day, when pinching a penny, I bought another brand. You know what?  My family still hasn't noticed.

3. I love the strong aroma of newly opened ground coffee or peppermint tea bags, but the smell of a newly opened bag of brown sugar almost makes me sick.

4. I have been to Disney World 4 times.  It's not my favorite vacation spot.  (I'm a beach-vacation girl!)  On the other hand, I've been on a Disney Cruise only once, but didn't want to come home.

5. If I was offered (today) the job that I had when I was in college - I would take it in a minute! Unfortunately, the company went out of business.  The job?  I worked in an accounting department, but had never taken an accounting class in my life.  (You're thinking: perhaps that's why the company went out of business? LOL)

6. I collect bowls.  I love them because they are functional, but these days, there are so many beautiful ones!  How great is it when useful things can be beautiful, and vice versa?

7. I love taking pictures of flowers -- especially in the macro setting.  You don't have to trick flowers into smiling, or tell them to behave when getting their picture taken --  and you often see characteristics that you wouldn't have noticed with your eyes alone.

8. I am a SAHM, formerly a homeschooling mom, and currently unemployed -- except for the fact that a dear friend pays me to create scrapbooks for her family.

9. I love to bake.  LOVE. TO. BAKE.  Nothing fancy or difficult -- in fact, NOT fancy or difficult.  Just down-home favorites.

10. I love spring, summer, and fall.  Winter?  Not so much.

11. I am a "Googling" fool.  Really.  I "Google" things all the time.  It's amazing the things you can find out just by typing in a few search words these days.  However, here are a few googly mottos:  "Google-search and click responsibly" - and - "Don't believe everything you read!"

12. I am crazy about Yoplait Light Apricot Mango yogurt.  Crazy.

Still with me?  Awww, you're the best!

13. I love dangling (wire) earrings... not too long -- but dangling!  Which reminds me... look at this neat idea I saw on Pinterest -- a way to hang/display wire earrings.  An embroidery hoop and a doily.  I know I have an old embroidery hoop that belonged to my Grandma.  I might have to try this!

14. I fall into the "LIVE TO EAT" category of people rather than the "eat to live" category.

15. My very favorite family vacation spot is the North Carolina beach.  We've gone to the same spot off and on since 1997.  There is no better place to "recharge!"

16. I am not old enough to be the mother of an almost 18 year old and a 14 year old.  Okay... you know this one isn't true.  I was just seeing if you were paying attention -- because... I don't feel old enough -- and that's true enough.

17. My family and very dearest friends call me "Sal."  If they call me Sally, I know something's up.

18. I dislike long toe nails.  Mine are always short, and only painted in the summertime.

19. I almost never wear shoes around the house.  That whole "get dressed to lace up shoes" concept messes with my head (and also with my feet!)

20. Favorite meal my mom used to make for my birthday: Skillet Beef Chop Suey.  I'll have to share that one sometime...  I still make it for my family, although -- they would probably tell you I make it for me.  But that's okay.  I'm allowed to have favorites too!

21. My favorite color is green.

22. Favorite book read recently: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

23. Favorite music: worship genre.

24. I love words and quotes.

25. I love cooked broccoli.  One time my dad told me that I could add a little lemon juice to the water when it's cooking so it doesn't smell so bad.  I told him the smell doesn't bother me. (LOVE broccoli!)

Gah!  Still reading?  You deserve a PRIZE!

26. I'm a little offended to keep receiving mail that pertains to "50 and over."  Is any of this information really meant to be helpful to me - a new 50 year old, or am I just a new target?

27. I am a first-born child.

28. I re-charge on ALONE time.

29. If we sit down to watch a movie, and we turn out all the lights (as certain people around here like to do), I can promise you that I will fall asleep during said movie.

30. I love the PBS series "Downton Abbey" and have never fallen asleep during it -- to be sure!

31. Some of my favorite recipes are still ones my mom made for our family growing up.  She comes up with some fabulous ones these days too -- and is always a source of inspiration for me.

32. I was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to NEOhio shortly before my 11th birthday.

33. I have never seen "Gone with the Wind" or "Casablanca."

34. I cried at the grocery store today... not because I was reading a mushy greeting card, but because my favorite pharmacy technician told me she is being transferred.  She's been my go-to-girl regarding everything pharmaceutical, and she served me like I was a real person, and not a number.  Gosh I'm going to miss her.  I love building relationships with the people who wait on me regularly (i.e. grocery clerks, etc.).

35. Bones broken in my lifetime: my collarbone when I was about 4 or 5.  I was watching ballet on t.v., and tried to twirl like a ballerina.  Even now, I can remember the feeling that I was doing exactly what the ballerina on t.v. was doing -- ultimately though, with not as much success.  Ouch.

36. I dislike needles (medically speaking).

37. I am not afraid of hospitals, though I am almost always squeamish when someone shares medical "details."

Wow, you really like trivia, huh?

38. I'm sort of a "fair weather gardener."  I like to make it all pretty ONCE and then sit back and enjoy it.  I'm not good at keeping up with the weeding.

39. Favorite Disney Movie?  Well, I LOVE Beauty and the Beast.  We saw the play in Cleveland back about 13 years ago or so.  It was fabulous.  We also saw an abbreviated version from the front row while visiting WDW, and I cannot tell a lie... I CRIED.  I also love Nemo... and... ask me again tomorrow -- I might think of a different one.

40. I can't fall asleep without at least a light cover over my legs -- but usually, my feet are hanging out of the covers.

41. One of my ears is slightly higher than the other.  I learned this the last time I was fitted for glasses, and was reminded recently, when I picked up another new pair.  They tell me that this is quite common.

42. My beverage of choice: a cup of hot tea with Splenda.

43. Favorite holiday: Christmas -- because of all of the time spent with family.

My mom baking Christmas cookies with her 5 grandkids (and the Pillsbury dough-boy).

44. Least favorite holiday?  I confess, I am a Halloween hater.  I'm just not into the costume thing (the creating OR the wearing), or the creepy decorations.  But, I'll take your candy if you're not going to eat it.  (Just trying to be helpful...)

45. Much to my own chagrin, I'm better at e-mails and texting than snail-mail or phone calls.

46. I believe in the power of prayer, and also the "power" of positive thinking.

47. I am an aunt to 6 nephews and 7 nieces.  Two nephews and one niece are adopted from India.

48. I can't fall asleep with music playing, because it makes me want to sing.  I also sing in the car, sing along with my iPod, and occasionally sing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush.

49. I have an irrational "fear" of window treatments.  I think it has something to do with the combination of making a final decision, committing to the expense, and putting holes in the walls.

50. I keep a week-at-a-glance calendar, and write down things "to do," and I totally add something that I've already done just so that I can cross it off.  Hey, everybody likes to feel productive.

Oh my gosh!  The end.  The end.  The end.  Is that angels I hear, or is that you singing "THE END?"  That's my "list of 50," folks.  I sincerely hope you'll stick around and get to know me even better.  Thanks for stopping by!    ~Sally

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