Monday, October 31, 2011

One Year, & Thoughts on Slowing Down...

Thanks for stopping by from time to time,
and for listening to my ramblings.
I'm not sure what I thought I'd have to say
that anyone would want to listen to,
but I've rambled just the same
--and you've listened.

That's no small thing.
{group hug}


How ironic (or not ironic at all...) that on the same day I posted THIS, I later read these words from Ann Voskamp:

"In a world addicted to speed, I blur the moments into one unholy smear,"


"Hurry always empties a soul."

I guess I was on the right track.  Slowing down is good.  Better.  BEST.

What tricks have you found that help you slow down, making you more aware of all that there is to be thankful for?

21.  just enough water in the boiled tea kettle to make that first cup of tea
22.  the tick of the clock which reminds me of my aloneness
23.  frosty grass - another indicator of the changing seasons
24.  our kids have good friends and are discerning about friendships
25.  pumpkin seeds, roasting in the oven
26.  oh how I love to bake -- thankful for each ingredient

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep On Keeping On

So, I was off to such a good start.  Got the book on Saturday.  Was rolling through it over the weekend and Monday, and then the week got busy, and I let the busi-ness carry me away.

And I have reached these conclusions.

To do this right, I have to slow down.
To do this right, I have to keep my list close by.
To do this right, I need to discard this list on a piece of paper and pull out a journal.
To do this right, I need to take the journal with me when I go where I go.  Afterall, I'm not just thankful for things when I'm at home.

11.  home-baked cookies
12.  my sweet hubby bringing home goodies (today: strawberries)
13.  a housecleaning spree (who knows why)
14.  amazing friends
15.  clearer understanding of an issue
16.  a view of the sunrise for my son
17.  my son's hard work during a week of testing at school
18.  scrappin' time with my mom
19.  bargains at Penneys on Friday night
20.  a vanilla-spice candle

These are all honest bits of thankfulness from my heart, and yet after a week -- shouldn't there be about a million?  I'm not comparing to Ann - really.  I just know there should be so much more.

This coming week, my goal?  To slow down, to read more of the book, and appreciate smaller things.

holy experience

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Eating Out" Facts

The other day, I read these facts in Family Circle Magazine:

"American's typically eat out four to five times a week, forking over about $275 a month."


"The average restaurant meal has nearly an entire day's worth of calories and fat."

I totally believe the second factoid.  However, I"m not so sure about the first one -- but maybe our household is unique.  We typically eat out as a family once, maybe twice a MONTH.  And, perhaps another once or twice a month, the kids and I grab MickeyD's on the way to mid-week services at church.

Typical for us?  I cook, and three of the four of us (read: the kids and I) sit down for an evening meal together.  My sweet hubby is either with us, or fighting hard to get here.  (His job does not always allow for a "consistent" quitting time.)  When I was growing up, it was pretty much the same.  Mom made dinner every night.  Dad was most often home, but traveled from time to time.  Also, we often enjoyed going out for lunch on Sundays after church.  Sometimes, however, the budget didn't allow, and Mom would have a lunch plan ready at home.

Now, back to this generation...  Lest you think we live in some storybook... There are always the nights when the kids have a gathering to get to that interrupts our dinner time -- or some such thing that causes us to deviate from our "norm."  But Monday through Thursday, those nights are rare.

So -- I'm just taking a casual survey... If you have time, will you leave me a comment and tell me what the norm is for YOUR family?

Maybe I need a dose of reality.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Well, I totally scrapped the post that I had for today.  It was a downer.  And while some days, real life can be difficult to express in a positive manner, I thought it best not to go there today.  Negative was feeding negative, and it was pulling me down.  I didn't want to do the same thing to you, since you were nice enough to stop by.

I've had a loaner vehicle since last Thursday (you remember my Coca-Cola Moment?), and just when I was kind of getting used to the lovely red Nissan Pathfinder, they called to say my Honda Odyssey is ready.  Back to real life.  I got in the van, and wow -- I'd forgotten what my very own brake and gas pedals feel like.  You know that feeling?  Weird.

We had a few specially-selected bumper stickers on our van.  When I took it in for repairs (on the back trunk hatch-door), they asked if I minded loosing the bumper stickers.  In a moment of silliness last night, I wondered to my husband WHAT ON EARTH they would've done if I would've said, "Yes, I mind!"  Hmmm.  Would they have steamed them off for me?  Ha!  Well, lucky for them, I have never been sentimental about a bumper sticker!

My girl wants to learn how to make a pumpkin roll, so I've been looking around for recipes.  I did a search on Pinterest, and if you want to see a whole page of pumpkin roll pictures, well... searching on Pinterest is all you need to do!  Of course, a lot were repeats.  I ended up checking out THIS ONE from Molly at Stilettos and Diapers.  Right at the get-go, Molly says it looks difficult, but it really isn't.  Thank you, ma'am.  That's just the encouragement we needed!  We found our recipe!

Today is pretty chilly (like never supposed to leave the 40's and getting down to 32 tonight!) and rainy.  I'm thinking it's an excellent day for Vegetable Beef Soup, and maybe some bread from the bread machine.  What are you making for dinner?

I am thinking of Kensington today, and keeping her lifted up in prayer.  You may know her mama: Rachel, from No. 17.  Today is Kensington's second eye surgery.  Rachel's mama-heart is hurting.  If you could keep this family lifted up in prayer today,
I know they'd appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sometimes, a Difficult Journey

I am on a difficult journey... I'm on my way to learning that not only am I not always right, but also - my ideas are not always best.   I'm on the journey with my teenage son.  I imagine my teenage daughter will join us soon.  (I'm pretty sure she's in her room packing as I type this.  I'm hoping that the journey with her will not be as difficult, but my learning curve does not seem to be all that impressive, so we'll see.)

Sometimes the journey is also painful.  Why painful, you ask?  The pain comes when my son looks at me with heavy disappointment because I have insisted that things be my way -- or because I have (in my well-meaning way) put down his idea.  Those are the times that I have to get over myself, and realize that insisting on my way is a pretty big price to pay for that look in his eyes.

I know that I am not the only parent to travel this road, but sometimes it is such a lonely journey.

I strive to be better, to encourage, to always give the benefit of the doubt.  Usually, we have really good days... a stretch of days, even.  But it's such a fine line to walk... that line between monitoring what goes on in your home, and minding your kids' business for them.

The truth is, if God gave me the option to do toddlerhood twice and skip the teen years... There are days that I would take him up on it (oh yes I would).

I should tell you that despite our difficulties now and then, my son is a good, good kid.  I'm proud-to-pieces of him -and yes, I just told him that the other night!  His recent transition from homeschooling to public school has done nothing short of knocking my socks off. Our biggest issue is probably that we are too much alike around here -- or sometimes too different -- or that we care too much.  None of which makes either of us wrong.

I'm learning to pick my battles -- even more than I had to during toddlerhood.  Oh yes, even more.  A "my way or the highway" attitude does nothing but push my son away -- and that's the LAST thing I want to do.  I'm slowly learning to be flexible and to NOT let the little things that don't really matter MATTER so much.


Yesterday, I was "rewarded" with this view into my son's heart:

In a wonderful moment of chattiness, he was telling me about the testing that he is taking part in this week.  He mentioned that the testing classroom (which is new to him) has windows that face the east, allowing him to watch the sunrise at the beginning of testing each morning. He said it's a great start to his day.

It sounds like maybe he has started his own list of One Thousand Gifts.  Don't look at me, I did not preach it.  He learned that all on his own.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God Did WHAT?

"God finally came through."

Have you ever heard these words... this expression?  I have to say that when I heard this expressed by a caller on the radio today, I quite literally squirmed in my seat.

As if to say God isn't always present.
As if to say God isn't all-powerful.
As if to say God doesn't know everything.

As if to say God in his omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient way isn't ALWAYS there for us, orchestrating the minute details of our lives because he knows what is best for us, and because he holds our very future in his hands.

Hebrews 13:5b

[Note the word "never" used twice for emphasis in Hebrews 13:5b]

If I believe in the infallible WORD of God, the Bible (and I do), then I must believe that God "comes through" for me every day.


Perhaps the problem is that we don't accept (or realize?) his closeness in all that we do -- or that we don't really rely on him and trust him in ALL things -- or that we don't really pray for his help, believing.


See Sally stepping down from her soap box...

But seriously... what do you think?

Monday, October 24, 2011


Today, amongst other things, I am thankful for:
    1. receiving One Thousand Gifts, the book
    2. family meals, all of us together
    3. yard work completed
    4. a purged garage
    5. worship
    6. teaching my girl about gifts
    7. cleaned bathrooms
    8. laundry, put away
    9. an awesome high school guidance counselor who has helped us transition from homeschooling to public high school
    10. yogurt - a healthy "guilty pleasure."

    Don't Change the Story!

    I was writing a post the other day (yet to be posted) in which I mentioned that if given the choice by God, (many days) I would gladly do toddlerhood-times-two if I could skip the teenage years.

    Of course, I wrote that during a moment of surging emotions.

    Yesterday, I received my copy of One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I wasn't very far into the book before I read this:

    " ...maybe you don't want to change the story, because you don't know what a different ending holds."

    Ann continues:

    " There's a reason I am not writing the story and God is.  He knows how it all works out, where it all leads, what it all means.  I don't."

    Amen, Ann.

    I knew there would be great things to learn from this book.

    "There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under heaven..."
    Ecc. 3:1

    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    I John 4:10

    "This is love:
    not that we loved God, but that he loved us
    and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."

    I Stand in Awe of You

    You are beautiful beyond description
    Too marvelous for words
    Too wonderful for comprehension
    Like nothing ever seen or heard
    Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom?
    Who can fathom the depth of Your love?
    You are beautiful beyond description
    Majesty, enthroned above

    And I stand, I stand in awe of You
    I stand, I stand in awe of You
    Holy God, to whom all praise is due
    I stand in awe of You

    You are beautiful beyond description
    Yet God crushed You for my sin
    In agony and deep affliction
    Cut off that I might enter in
    Who can grasp such tender compassion?
    Who can fathom this mercy so free?
    You are beautiful beyond description
    Lamb of God who died for me

    words and music by Mark Altrogge

    Halloween Eggs!

    So just in case you thought coloring eggs was only for Easter... Guess again.  Each child brought 1 dozen eggs to the Halloween Party to dye and decorate.  The kids dyed the eggs in colors like black, purple, green, orange, and yellow, and then embellished with Sharpies. Here are some of the designs:

    Look Mom!
    Happy Candy Corn, Frankenstein, and a Jack-o-Lantern!
    A Cyclops
    A Mummy
    Candy Corn
    Even a little team spirit!
    A good time was had by all!

    p.s.  These were a HIT!

    Linking up with:
    Fox Hollow Cottage

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Halloween Party Prep

    In true "we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-directions" style my girl and I went full speed ahead to make some spider web brownies for a Homeschool Halloween party that we're attending today.

    We got the idea (via photos on the internet) to incorporate a spider web into the frosting of the brownies.  Do NOT ask me why I thought we should use white chocolate chips.  I guess that was the first thing that came into my mind, and I just went with it.

    Read my cry for help on Twitter: "White chocolate = difficult. Dislike. Fumbling through spider web brownies w/ my girl."

    Michaels was kind enough to reply with: "Have you tried playing with white icing to create the spider webs? It is easier to control than white chocolate."

    Uh, yeah.  Next time = frosting.  White chocolate is ridiculous to melt, and when it finally does, it’s way too hot to handle (obviously).  And control?  Let's just say "none."  We were trying to hurry before it hardened again, and ended up with a sandwich bag (turned pastry bag) that burst wide open.

    Oh yes, that is white chocolate all over my counter top!

    However, we did end up with something that we were happy with for our first time effort. Plus, really?  Who's going to let a pan of fudgy brownies go to waste?  We'll suffer through it.

    We had better success with these little goodies.  Ingredients?  Mini pretzel twists, Hershey's kisses, and M&M's.  The idea was not my own, but gleaned from Pinterest.

    So easy.  Place pretzels on stone or baking sheet.  Place Hershey's Kiss on each pretzel. Bake at 275F for 3 minutes.  As soon as you take them out of the oven, push an M&M down into the tip of the kiss.  Let cool.  Refrigerate to set, & bag up for Halloween treats.  I think they are so cute.  <Think of all of the variations that you could make!>

    So, we are off to the Homeschool Halloween Party.  Halloween is so-not-my-thing, but I am looking forward to the time with friends, and seeing what other creative ideas everyone might've come up with.  We were told to bring a dozen hard-boiled eggs, so I can't wait to see what the plan is for them!  Stay tuned!

    This post has been approved by my girl, the project manager.

    Thursday, October 20, 2011


    I was watching a t.v. show the other day... A conversation between two women...

    One was talking the other one into doing something for her, and the other was trying to say no.  But she wasn't doing it strongly, and she wasn't very successful.

    Next scene:  woman #2 is doing the very thing that she was trying to say she could-not-would-not do.  She was exasperated and at wits end.

    Woman #1 said, "Well, why didn't you TELL me that you didn't want to do this?"

    In the back of my head, I was screaming, "she tried, she tried!"

    Today, I read THIS POST by Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky.  It's about saying yes, and saying no.  Often "no" has more validity than we are willing to give it.  We're allowed to say no.  We're allowed to have a limit.  We're allowed to recognize "seasons" in our life, and give way to the change that is a new season.

    That's not the same as quitting.

    And it certainly isn't failure.

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    December Daily 2011

    Ready? Get set...

    Ali Edwards is already preparing her December Daily foundation pages.  Are you participating this year?  I'm kind of on the wall, myself.  Last year was the first time I had participated in the project.  It was a great experience overall, but...

    I noticed some things...

    1.  It was a little tricky for me to stay up to date since I don't print my photos at home.  The good people at Walgreens really got to know me in December.
    2.  I was more than a little crazy-in-the-head about coming up for something each day, and sometimes it seemed forced.  I think I need to be a little more laid back in my approach.
    3.  I'm not totally convinced that (considering all of the scrapbooks that line the shelves of our home) I want a Christmas book for every year as well.  It's getting to be a little "and the scrapbooks shall inherit the earth..." around here.  Just sayin'.

    But I still like the concept SO MUCH.

    So, for this year I plan to...

    ...continue to print my pictures "away from home" (read: probably Walgreens)
    because the quality is better.

    ...not work so hard to have pictures/stories/paraphernalia for each day.
    I'm going to "low-key" it a bit, and see what I come up with.

    ...incorporate my December pages
    into my regular chronological scrapbook.
    I'm not anticipating having enough pages to warrant a dedicated album.

    So, DID you participate last year?

    Will you participate AGAIN?

    What will YOU do differently?


    Happy Scrappin'!

    You can check out my 2010 December Daily posts HERE.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011


    I cannot explain it really.  I've never had this happen to me before.  A thought - so crystal clear that it was alarming.  From God?  Since it seemed to come from a place of unselfishness and consideration for family, I will say "yes."

    You doubt.  Of course you do.  I have too, when I've read other people's stories of similar situations.

    I can only tell you what happened to me.

    I felt very clearly that I was to give up the part-time job that I have at church to make way for other things coming down the road.  The thought came to me that since our son is in public school this year, and it's very likely that our daughter will go next year, I should probably think about some kind of employment.  (Now, before you go thinking that this IS selfish afterall, please know that I have enjoyed every moment of staying at home with our kids, and have never once entertained the idea of doing anything other than care for them. I truly feel that is my calling, and genuinely have never longed for a job outside the home. I rather enjoy my little slice of heaven right here within these walls.)  The jobs that God has provided have been during the summer and on Wednesday evenings, and have always involved my children as well - so they were no-brainers.  I am so thankful for the way that God provided those jobs, and for the timing in the way they helped our family financially.

    That said, we are not independently wealthy, and so it's been heavy on my heart how much of a burden my sweet hubby has carried all these years.

    I thought there must be something I could do.

    I'm not talking about a sit-behind-a-desk-all-day job.  In fact, that kind of job never really entered my mind.  I feel like God wants me to be available for something unconventional.  (I even feel like "unconventional" is his word, not mine.)  Several options came to mind: more scrapbooking for others (which I already do as paid "work"), child care, helping the elderly.  I don't necessarily see it as a cut and dry 8-5 kind of job, and therefore my current job (Weds.PM) could prevent me from this new endeaver.

    The difficulty in leaving church work is that I am among friends.  I'm talking true-blue "move a body" kind of friends.  They support me 150%.  They are my friends even more than they are my co-workers, supervisors, and bosses.  That's why it is difficult to walk in and just say, "I resign."  There are so many heart-strings attached.  Thankfully, I work with people who put family first, and so my thinking was never questioned, but understood and accepted.  That means more to me than words can ever say.

    When I shared my story (so far) with a friend, she said, "I don't even understand how a person HAS those clear-thinking 'from God' moments.  I don't hear God.  I just muddle through each day, trying to trust him, and often fail at that."  She wasn't doubting ME.  I totally understand where she was coming from.

    I'm a little incredulous myself.  This is all new to me.

    It seems like God is preparing me for some ch-ch-ch-changes.

    "For I am about to do something new.
    See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?"
    Isaiah 43:19 

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Favorite Photo Monday

    I love, love, love this shot.
    We were at a local PumpkinFest recently,
    and I saw this display of pumpkins off the beaten path.
    My hubby and kids were following the path,
    while I was straggling behind.
    I snuck away from them to get the shot,
    weaving my way through throngs of people.
    I was a woman on a mission,
    but I was so quick
    that I was behind my family on the path
    before they even had time to miss me.

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    Lunch Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

    Lunch = $2.75 

    Buying lunch.  A new concept for us this year.
    I should've known that in this debit-card society,
    it would be hard for me to have singles and change on hand.

    Remember the note jar?
    Turns out, I don't have quite as many questions
    as I did at the beginning of the year.
    And so, the note jar has become the lunch money jar.
    All singles and quarters
    from pockets and purse-bottoms
    gladly accepted here.

    The high school doesn't accept debit cards.

    {I'm thinking that perhaps by the end of the year,
    I'll be using this jar to SEND HIS LUNCH IN!
    Hey, don't laugh.  It could happen.
    Have you seen THESE?}

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Mister Mister

    This morning I was reading through my usual list of blogs (and a few new ones), and was struck once again at how female bloggers add "Mr." to their blog name in order to namelessly identify their husband.

    Do you know what I mean?  Oh, say for example a woman had a blog called "Sunny Day on the Porch."  If she wanted to tell you a story about her husband, she would start by saying, "MR. Sunny Day did such and such...."  Get it?

    So that got me thinking about how I usually say "my sweet hubby."  I never really thought about using my BLOG NAME to describe my husband.  I guess I never thought about it because... what would that make HIM?

    "Mr. Drinking?"  Yeah.  Not so good.  Definitely not a good moniker for him.  The shoe doesn't fit.

    I guess I'll stick with sweet hubby.

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    Blog Bits #3

    Just sharing some goodies...

    My cousin Jessica has just started up a new blog
    She's a creative soul -- and is inspired to try new projects,
    especially if it involves sewing.
    Do you sew?  You might want to stop by to see what Jessica is up to,
     and welcome her to the wonderful world of blogging.
    {Tell her Sally sent you!}
    Recently Pinned:
    Aren't these Lighted Vine Pumpkins pretty?
    They're from Pier One Imports.
    There's a recipe for 4-ingredient Nutella Cookies at Tasty Kitchen.
    I haven't tested these, but they sure look yummy!
    How wrong could you go with only four ingredients?

    Need a facelift on your blog?
    24 new blog backgrounds were recently added at
    My sister, Jill shared a link to this great Fall Subway Art
    from It Is What It Is.
    I'm totally loving THIS POST by Emily Freeman
    at Chatting at the Sky.
    It's all about realizing your "passions" in life
    -- and that it's okay if MY passions aren't your passions
    and YOURS aren't mine.
    Trust me & read it.
    It'll change the way you see things.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Did You Know?

    Have You Been Told?

    Well, I'm here to tell ya!  If you are in an automobile accident, and you fill out an accident report, it becomes a matter of public record.  (Who KNEW, or thought anybody cared?) MmmHmmm.  Well, if you read THIS POST, you know that I was rear-ended the other day while at a stop light.  No injuries for either party.

    However, before noon yesterday, TWO DIFFERENT doctor's offices called me (aware of the accident) to make sure I was okay.  The first guy called, and I was like, "what the heck?" His response was just, "Well, we just wanted to make sure you were okay, and see if you needed to come in for an exam."

    WHAT??????  "Who on earth ARE you?"  That's what I wanted to say.  I was totally creeped out.

    By the time the second guy called (poor guys, how would you like that to be your job?), I was more composed, and ready for him.  "Where do you get your information?"  I asked. He was very nice, and told me that when you fill out an accident report, it becomes a matter of public record, and therefore they have access to it.  When the THIRD guy called today, he was full of information, confirming what guy #2 told me.

    Seriously?  It has come to this?

    My dear sis said the same thing happened to her a while back when she had a fender-bender.

    Who knew?  I didn't.  But, now YOU do!  Now (should this happen to you) you won't be creeped out like I was!

    IN ADDITION: Within a weeks time, I had received mailings from no less than SIX law firms telling me they would help me with legal proceedings for my accident.  Okay - NO NEED.  However, here's what you need to know about these mailings.  Some of them contained a copy of the actual accident report with my personal information - you know: name, address, license plate number, insurance agency, etc.  Glad I caught these to SHRED rather than just trashing them!!!

    This has been a public service announcement (and you're welcome).  You are now better educated on the subject than I was. 

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    A Chair Full of Bowlies

    I've always loved that misguided "Bowl Full of Cherries" tongue twister.  And never more than when I realized that I'd started a bowl collection for myself.

     Vintage - "inherited" from my Gram

    I think I was first smitten with a bowl in a Nestle Tollhouse Morsel commercial.  It showed a mom and daughter baking cookies together, and the bowl was beautifully cream-colored, with an embossed design that has faded from my memory.  But, that bowl is what grabbed my attention every time I saw the commercial.  I'm guessing that was in the 90's.

    Think about it.  Nowadays, bowls can be so beautiful.

    These two were picked up on clearance at Target on two different visits. 

    For a while, I would grab pretty bowls that I spotted on clearance at places like Target or Kohl's.  I'd find bowls of all shapes and sizes.  One birthday, I was gifted with some money, and I spent it on a big, beautiful Valentine bowl.


    Then, I got brave enough to own up to my fetish, and I started getting bowls as gifts.  I've gotten some beautiful ones over the years.

    This one was a gift. 

    I used to keep my bowls in various cupboards, to keep my countertops neat and tidy.  But, the bowls didn't really get used.  Now, I keep the bowls stacked on my counter top -- usually in two stacks.  I find that I not only USE them more this way, but I get to appreciate them visually as well.

    Kohl's clearance, Target clearance, gift from friend (she found at a garage sale),
    & home party purchase 

    I remember once seeing a Hoosier cabinet, it's shelves filled with cookie jars of various types.  What a special collection.  I told my husband, "Some day, I'm going to collect cookie jars!"  He looked at me like I was one french fry short of a happy meal.  Of course, you know he was imagining that I would FILL all of those cookies jars.  He couldn't imagine just having them for the visual appeal.  Anyways, I gave that dream up.  (If you could've seen the look on his face, you would've too.)  Since our home is small, there is no place to keep such a collection.  (Read: no room for a Hoosier cabinet if I even HAD one.)

     A Pfaltzgraff bowl to match my Pfaltzgraff dishes (though different patterns).

    But bowls.  Well, they are beautiful AND useful, and stackable (meaning they take up less room than say... a cookie jar collection).  My bowls get used for mixing, storing, serving, snacking, and even the occasional morning cereal if all the cereal bowls are in the dishwasher.

    These days, there are SO MANY seasonal bowls, too.  They're always packed away until the appropriate time of year.


    And, I know my sweet hubby is on-board with this collection.  Afterall, he bought me this beautiful bowl on clearance from Sears just the other day.

    That's my collection.
    Well, at least part of it.
    I didn't realize how many bowls I HAD
    until I started taking pictures!

    What do you collect?
     How do you display your collection?
    How did your collection begin?

    These are the bowls that started my collection.
    They were ordered from a country book club catalog when I was a newlywed.
    It's a sturdy set from Roseville, Ohio. 

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    A Daily Ritual

    I homeschool our daughter, so we are home together all day.  We enjoy sitting on the same side of the couch.  Not at the same TIME, mind you.  It's sort of an unspoken agreement that she uses it during the day, and I use it at night.  Sort of.

    Typically, at night when I tidy up before bed, I throw two square pillows over on the left (where we like to sit) and a cylindrical neck pillow over on the right.  I never really realized how those pillows get so messed up.  Until now.  I just observed my daughter's daily ritual. When she sits down on the couch, she takes my square pillows (which fit just perfectly beside and around me), and swaps them for the neck pillow.

    Later, I'll sit there and enjoy a cup of tea.  Usually, I'd wonder at the disarray.

    Now... I'll know.

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    Favorite Photo Monday

    My sweet hubby is a great "bringer of flowers,"
    so I don't usually buy flowers for myself. 
    However, mid-January, I couldn't resist this
    bright bunch of daisies discounted at the
    grocery store florist.
    I brought them home for a little photo shoot,
    and this is one of my favorite shots!

    I'm linking up with Ewa
    for Favourite Photo Monday.
    Have a photo to share?
    Head over to Ewa's to link up. 

    5:30AM Doesn't Work for Night Owls

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate getting up early?  I know.  "Hate" is a strong word. We always discouraged our kids from using it.  Trust me.  It fits here, and since it is meant against no-one in particular, I've made an executive decision to use it.

    Do you "hate" mornings, too?  Or are you a morning person?

    I've never been a morning person (just ask my mom, who would call repeatedly up the stairs in the morning to make sure I was up).  I am a night owl by nature -- especially since I became a mama many long years ago...  My goodness, that was when I put the kids to bed, and got my second wind.  I would accomplish the most during their nap times, or at night while they slept.  Even though they're older now (read: I can accomplish things while they are awake), I still consider myself a night owl.

    I'm a night owl.  Are you?

    Well, until recently, that is.

    With our son now in public school, it is our practice to get up at 5:30, as you know if you read my blog regularly.  This may be your "normal" school year wake-up time, but as former homeschoolers, it was never ours.  Now... it is.

    5:30 sure does come early.  Earlier every day it seems.  I can feel my body adjusting to it. Initially, though, my body balked at the idea of rising so early -- so much so, that I felt physically ill to be upright at such an hour.  Really.  But... each morning gets a little easier. If I just keep moving, I can accomplish a lot of stuff before anyone else gets up.  [Oh, all you morning people -- STOP saying "I told you so."]  I'm not "dressed to shoes" or anything as drastic as that.  Heavens, NO!  But I'm up and moving, and getting things done, and sometimes, just sitting and listening to the clocks tick while I enjoy my first cup of tea.

    Here's what I've learned.  I've learned to love the silence of 5:30.  I almost look forward to getting up that early just to experience the quietness of the hour.

    And back to the whole idea of being a night owl?  Yeah, not so much anymore.  I find that if I really want to watch a show during the evening, that it's smarter to record it for the next day, because I WILL NOT stay awake to watch it.  5:30 comes pretty early.

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