Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Life Update 3.26

This has been an interesting project for me.  I have tuned into so many of you on Pinterest to see how you do Project Life, and have received great inspiration.  However, I've gotten to the point (this is me) where instead of gleaning ideas, I'm COMPARING projects.  You know... mine to yours.  And so, until I finish my project, I'm not looking at others so much. I don't want to feel bad about the techniques that I noticed after the fact, and therefore did not include in my album.  I love my album.  It's mine.  It's unique.  Would I do things different the next time?  Perhaps.  Probably.  But, I'm not going to worry myself over re-dos or anything.  I'm content with my results.

That said, here's the newest installment of finished pages:

More random Disney words from Mom's leftovers...

I used a lot of tropical accents here...

I used some summer/vacation elements too.

Here are some non-Disney words that fit the bill.
I'm so glad that I didn't go crazy buying for this project.
I've been able to use up so many things that I already had on hand!

Stay tuned!
Lots more to come... more cruise,
some WDW, and Epcot too!

You can see all of my Project Life posts HERE.

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  1. All I can say Sally, is be happy in your completion. I have no desire to do this type of project -- it's just not me. But I admire those that do. :)


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