Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Life Update 3.5

So, Tuesday nights are dedicated to working on scrapbooks.  I usually head over to Mom's and we work on our separate scrapbooks together for a couple of hours.

Last week, I took my Project Life album fully loaded with Disney pictures, and with lots of other goodies in tow.  I thought I knew what pen I was going to use, but it ended up not being "fine" enough.  I didn't think I was going to like my (typical) black gel pen for this project -- but that's what I ended up using, and it works just fine.  (Guess I'm just not a wide-line kind of girl.)

And, journaling cards...  About those.  I took THIS (very wise) BLOGGER's advice, and went to Staples to buy grid-style index cards for $1.99.  I'm making my own journaling cards.  AND (how scandalous is THIS?), I don't even know if I'm going to round my edges. I'm kind of leaning towards NOT.  Nothing's rounded yet, and I'm liking it just fine.

I'm always trying to be budget-minded (well, most of the time) about my scrapbooking.  At this time, it didn't seem practical or wise for me to wait for and purchase the core kit -- so I have decided against that, and for making my own journaling cards, and filling in the rest of the blanks with scrapbook paper and Disney paraphernalia.  Becky's all about doing the things that work for US as individuals, right? -- so I think she'd be the first one to be "with me" on this!

I also realized a few things about my expectations for the project.  In not purchasing the core kit, I have realized that I don't necessarily care if this album is matchy-matchy.  I want it to be a little bit more "random" and fun..

Also - it hasn't been so easy to just sit down and "do" the next page in order.  Yes, the photos are already there.  But, as I look over them, I get inspired.... on page 23 -- and page 6 isn't done yet -- know what I mean?  So there's that randomness as well.

So...all that to say that I didn't get a ton of stuff done last Tuesday night.  I was still too undecided about stuff.  But I had a chunk of time on Sunday (YAY for weekends!), and things really started to fall together.
  • I'm using the black gel pen, and happy with the results
  • I'm using a lot of blue and green, with some happy Disney red's in there too.
  • Back when I thought I was doing a more traditional album, I purchased some "vacation" scrapbook papers, and I'm incorporating those as well.
  • Mom gave me a bunch of random Disney goodies -- and I have a bunch left from our last Disney trip, too -- so, there should be a little Disney on every page.
So, remember last week when I showed my pages? --they weren't very exciting.  It was literally, JUST PICTURES.  I actually DID try to finish up several pages in a row so I could show you things in order rather than so scattered.  So, here's where I am now...

Off we go!

I'm loving these day cards from Cathy Zielske!
They help me recall each day's activities.

The only glitch in our entire trip!

I love these Disney paint samples.  A cute addition, I think.
You'll see them again in the album -- I grabbed a few.

Thinking of different ways to journal... using "titles" for certain pages.
Note the homemade journaling card.  These are working great!

Other interesting journal "title" cards.

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  1. Looks like a memorable vacation! What's not to love about Disney and being with family! I've not tried scrapbooking but I think it helps capture the experience so much better than an old photo album does! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!


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