Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday on Saturday

Since I told you about Thursday-Things on Friday, let me tell you about Friday... on Saturday.

There has been a "rash" of unhappy things happening here in Ohio this week.  There were the school shootings in Chardon that you no doubt have heard about -- and other kinds of threats at various local schools -- including today, at my son's high school.

Aside from that moment when you want to throttle the person who's acting so inappropriately without (obviously) any thought to the consequences, I have to say that as a parent, I have been knocked back on my heels by the care that has been given to my(our) child(ren) as well as the consideration afforded ME by my dear son.

He called from the football field, speaking loudly, amongst a crowd of students, to explain.  So I knew what was going on.  He wasn't dramatic.  Just: this is what's happening, and "we're okay."

Then another call to tell me that the buses had been called back to transport non-driving students like him.

Then an automated call from the principal to explain the circumstances, and the care that was being taken -- including the transport of all non-driving, non-bussed students from school property to a local church until such time as they could be picked up by a parent... with a proper ID, of course.

Then the third call from my son.  "Me and Joe (our neighbor) are on the bus.  We're in good hands."

Then another automated call -- this time from the Superintendent to reiterate the information about students waiting at the church.

After our son's first phone call, I jokingly said to my husband, "Oh!  I could've waited to hear about THIS until the end of the day."  But then, with each phone call there was more information, that left me wondering about very little.

I've always loved good communication.
And though I often am confounded by children,
and their heavy usage of cell phones in today's world...

Today... I even love cell phones.
And way more than that?  My son.

There was one more call... the all-clear!  The threats were unsubstantiated.

A happy ending here.
But, please pray for families affected by the Chardon incident.

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