Monday, November 15, 2010

December Daily Foundation Pages

I'm thankful for the opportunity to link up with other December Daily album creators on Ali Edward's Project BlogMy foundation page photos are also viewable on my Flickr page (see "My Photography" in left-hand margin for link).  For those who have not visited before, I'm doing my album on a budget.  Ali's best advice was that I keep it simple.  Coincidentally, I have recently learned that I have "commitment issues" when it comes to scrapbooking -- so I am "good" with the idea of keeping things simple!  Most of my little embellishments are not glued down yet.  I want to be sure to have the flexibility to move things around as December progresses.  So, here we go...

 My (inside) cover page - an oops on one of Ali's freebies
- printed it whole-page size!

 12 Days of Christmas from Ormolu.  (

Looking for interesting date NUMBERS? Do a Google search for the number & "images". Some interesting things pop up that you can print!

 Another oops-oversized tag of Ali's.
"Hello Winter Kraft Tag" from the Winter Celebrations MiniKit

 I believe these tags were also a freebie from Ormolu.
(Correct me if I'm wrong so I can give proper credit.)

Bought one 12x12 sheet of journal blocks.

Bought a fancy 12x12 sheet w/ a collage of recipes,
& saved Hershey's cocoa label for Christmas baking pages.

There are 3 baseball card page protectors throughout the album -- just to break up the routine a little. I have all the spots filled in right now w/ either patterned papers or white cardstock for journaling. ...easily changed out if I have lots of pictures on these days.

 I've been finding things in the mail... on seasonal marketing postcards or catalog covers.  I go through the mail carefully each day to see if there is anything at all that I can use.

Using things I have...

"Beautiful Gifts!" from a seasonal marketing postcard.

"Best in Snow" from the Lands End Kids catalog.

A favorite Christmas story from my childhood. I copied it onto cardstock.
It is two pages glued together. Pretty sturdy.

From the ToysRUs catalog

 Kmart paper?  "toys"

"winter sticker" (Ali Edwards)

 Love this saying.  It's been on my bulletin board for a long time.
Decided to take it down & use it in the album.

a "gift card" holder - purchased at Target.

Another enlarged Ali Edwards tag.

 "25 Christmas twenty-ten" freebie from Ali Edwards.

a medium-sized gift bag - just slightly smaller than album size.
Handles are cut off... good for a little "catch-all" at the end of the album.

Thanks for stopping by.  You can see my other December Daily posts by clicking on "December Daily" under labels at left.


  1. I love the patterns and all the little pieces you've added to your album. It will look beautiful once it will be finished.

  2. So very nice! I've been looking through the DD posted on Ali's blog and this is one of my favorites. I'm a simple girl too!

  3. Thanks for the kind words! Although I ooh and aah over everyone's pages, I don't seem to have it in me to do the fancier/craftier versions. I finally decided to just do it my way and enjoy the process. Have a blessed CHRISTmas season!

  4. Really nice - love the idea of using a gift a bag - they have such cute desings on them !

  5. Looks like a good solid start Sally, looking forward to seeing this progress over December.

  6. Love your blog title... too good. And your DD 2010 pages look beautiful! Love the colors and lines... great ideas. ~ kimmy


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