Saturday, November 27, 2010

~ Our Thanksgiving Celebration ~

Happy Thanksgiving -- a little late!
Did you have a wonderful holiday?
Was it filled with traditions,
or did you do something completely out of the ordinary?

For the past three years, we have had a Thanksgiving Open House at our house.  We open our home for a noon-time meal for both sides of our family.  The first year, we had 14 people (including our family of 4).  The second year, 11, and last year, there were 19.  It's always a fun time to be together.  Whoever doesn't have other plans, plans to come to our house.  Our intention was not to steal the thunder from anyone who had previously served Thanksgiving Dinner, but that the Moms - my husband's mom and my mom - wouldn't have to cook every year for their entire families.  We serve the basics, and ask that everyone brings a dish to share.  It has worked out wonderfully, and there is always more than enough food - including some leftovers for those who stay into the evening to play games.

This year, however, our family did something completely out of the ordinary.  For months, we have been planning a special Thanksgiving - not in terms of the menu, but rather the location -- as in, a Disney ship, and Disney World! 

There were eleven of us to be exact.  It was a family trip celebrating my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary!  It all began with a Disney Cruise on The Disney Wonder --and what a wonder it was!  We left Port Canaveral in high spirits, and The Disney Wonder did not disappoint.  I love being near the water, so really, I would've been happy to just sail the seas for a few days.  But Disney pulls out all the stops, and with all the trimmings too!  There is not one detail that they haven't thought of.  We were lucky enough to sail during Disney's Christmas Season - so the ship and the parks were decorated & ready for the holidays.

Nassau, Bahamas was our first stop.  Most people would've enjoyed all of the local shopping, but since almost half of our group were children, that didn't prove to be an exciting option.  Back on the ship, we found lots to do: kids' cooking classes, swimming, movies (inside or out), as well as sun-bathing, and just plain old relaxing!

The following day our destination was Castaway Cay - Disney's private island.  What a beautiful spot!  We enjoyed an amazing lunch on the island, as well as swimming, biking, & even para-sailing  (That's my son up there...recognize him?)  The options were really endless, but we used the day mostly to relax.

Next up was Disney World.  Our choices this trip were The Magic Kingdom, and Epcot -- a magical combination for sure.  This was a whirlwind week for our family.  Even so, we had time to be thankful.  As we stood at the airport baggage claim on our home turf, we all agreed that considering all we had done (x 11 people), it had been truly an "uneventful" trip (meaning it all went smoothly & without incident).  How could we help but be thankful for that?

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  1. Great Disney pics! Brings back lots if wonderful memories for me with my family. Sorry to read your son got the flu bug- unfortunately it hit our house too-namely me!
    Blessings to you this CHRISTmas!


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