Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Security Blankets

We have more blankets, quilts, & afghans around our house than we will ever know what to do with. Since the first baby quilts that our kids received from Grandma (at the hospital), THEY have been hooked on blankets. When I look at our collection, it's no wonder. It's in their blood. We have cute "throws" that we have been given or purchased to go with the colors in a particular room.  We also have a huge quilt ...that my husband's grandma made, and a twin-sized one that my mom made for me. But it doesn't end there. My side of the family is also HEAVILY(smile) into afghans! My grandma & great aunt loved/love to crochet - and we have been recipients of much of their work (including a Christmas Wreath afghan that my great-aunt crocheted -- pictured below).  When my gram passed away, I was blessed enough to "inherit" one of her own afghans. It's not pretty. (I'm just being honest here.) It is dark green and a shade of rust (also pictured below). It's sort of a blast back to the 70's or something. But, I will tell you this: when I am not feeling well, there is nothing in the world like wrapping up in Gram's own afghan. Oh, the memories that it holds! (How many times did I lay under it at her house? How many times did Gram herself lay under it for her after-dinner nap?) I can't think of anything as treasured as the various "security blankets" around our home!   


Do you have a collection of something special that your entire family enjoys? 


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