Saturday, November 6, 2010

December Daily Additions

I went out to do a little shopping last night, and picked up some cool items at Archivers, Hobby Lobby, & WalMart.  That Archivers is such a dangerous place!  The lady ahead of me in line spent $185.00!  I, on the other hand, spent $6.12.  Here's the stuff I got...and what I did with it!

These are the supplies I bought.  Green staples from Walmart.  Holly ribbon (out of shot) and Thickers from Hobby Lobby.  From Archivers, 3-12x12 papers, 1 pack Mini Christmas Bingo Cards from Jenni Bowlin Studio, & a crimson scallop card from The Paper Company (also out of shot).

I  love the Bingo cards.  I'll circle particular numbers on each one to represent a date during December.  They're just the right size. 

Here's what I ended up doing w/ all the goodies I bought.  I LOVE the Thickers too!  Ali Edwards recommended these when she demo-ed her Advent Cards.  (Did you see THOSE?  They're adorable.)  I made a lot of date markers with the thickers.  I'm only missing a few dates now...I think I'll look for the rest in my mail.  Working within a budget can really make you look outside the box!

You can see all of my December Daily pictures on my Flickr page.  Time to go put all my date-markers back in their correct spots. 


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