Monday, November 1, 2010

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

Rebecca at "Simple As That" recently suggested a photo challenge.  Take photos of the simple things during your week that make you smile, or bring you happiness -- even JOY.  

Well, if there's anything I like better than a good photo challenge, it's having my act together enough to submit something!  (Are you with me?)  My submission speaks for itself.  However, you should know that my "little one" is just a few months shy of her 13th birthday!. She recently shared with me that of all the names that I call her (and there are many, as we are a "lovey" name-calling family!), she loves "little one" the best.  *sniff*  [You might also want to know that we homeschool, and that while I was sitting at the computer earlier, and (I thought) my daughter was reading history in the other room, she tossed this love note to me.  You know -- like passing notes across the aisle in history class.]

p.s.  The girls at Eighteen25 have a similar photo project going on.  It's called "Snapshots of Life."  Each Wednesday, they will post a time at which to take a photo on the following day -- Thursday.  Take the shot at the appointed time, and link it to their blog.  Fun!

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  1. so sweet! thank you so much for participating in my little photo challenge, hope you're enjoying it so far. can't wait to see what you share next week. :) Rebecca


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