Saturday, November 20, 2010

If We've Ever Needed You

There's so much going on in today's world.  Some days - it's just an effort to keep up.  Don't be mistaken - I don't mean on a personal level.  I mean all the unrest in the world - and really, if we hear of one more tragedy - one more crisis... I just wonder sometimes how much more this earth can bear.  And then I remember who is in control...  I know who holds the future, and I know HE holds my handPraise God.

I received this image in an e-mail the other day, and wanted to share it.

I made it the wallpaper on my computer.  It is a reminder every time I sit down here.  It is a reminder to my daughter who said "wow, I like THAT!" when she passed by.  It's a special verse to me - because I shared it with our kids when my husband was so sick several years ago.  We pictured God and Daddy, hand in hand.  It helped us remember who is in control.  Who indeed. 

This is one of my current favorites: "If We've Ever Needed You, Lord It's Now!"  -- by Casting Crowns.  I'll hope you'll take a listen!  It reminds me that the Lord does not intend for me to walk through this life and handle it all on my own.  I am ever-thankful that He walks by my side.


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