Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Hit "Reply"

I have noticed that on some blogs there is a way for the blogger to "reply" to the comments she gets on any post.  A nice touch I think.

I have ALSO noticed that sometimes when I POST A COMMENT on someone's blog, they respond via e-mail.

Which is better?  I have tried to respond via e-mail, but find that some people don't leave their e-mail on their profile - so I hit a dead end, and thought the "reply" button might be a better option.

Therefore, I have been GOOGLING "add reply option to blogger comments" - and there are several sites that offer to help with this.  However, when I follow their directions, I: #1-get a 404 error, or #2-end up with a reply button that just leaves another ordinary comment at the end of the post - as if I am a visitor, and not the blog-owner.  (I even tweeted my dilemma, but got no responses.)

I'm hoping that one of my lovely readers will have the answer to my blog question.  HELP.  Just leave a comment. (ha!)  I'd love to hear from you (but I might not be able to REPLY).

REPLY to "Live a Life EXTRAordinary" - who sent good wishes for my sick son... THANK YOU.  He is feeling somewhat better.  I hope you'll be feeling better soon as well.

REPLY to all the people who have left sweet comments about my December Daily pages -OR- my blog name -OR- my Pomegranate Post (Who knew?)... THANK YOU.

update (April '12): I am laughing at this post.  After blogging for a little longer, I now know that I can have comments sent to my e-mail, and that I can respond to them directly (via e-address, or by leaving a comment at the commenter's blog.)  Aaaah, experience!

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