Monday, December 2, 2013

Paperwhites in Bloom and Some Christmas Decorating

So fascinating, these Paperwhites.  In the past, we've grown Amaryllis during the winter, but Paperwhites are new to us.  18" stems hold small clusters of flowers that aren't even 1" across.  It seems anticlimactic in a way, yet I won't deny the beauty of these little ones.

I bought these in a kit from a fundraiser, and while there were three bulbs yielding several stems of similar height, this one is the only one blooming so far.  I'd love to try them again in a larger quantity for a bigger impact.

Have you grown Paperwhites before?

The holiday decorating has begun at our house.  Our daughter decided to put the tree up this weekend rather than next, knowing that she still has today off to work on it.  The lights were an issue AGAIN this year, but my hubby worked on them yesterday afternoon, and I think we're in business!

I've traded out the mugs on the bottle-drying rack for Christmas mugs, and added some additional kitchen "touches."

This sweet tree  is also up in the kitchen, and it makes me smile to think of the care that Marie took in making it for me.

I'm still loving this little "Whiter Than Snow" snowman from last year, and the Winter Scarf Wreath from 2011 which will be hung on the front porch today.

I'll have to start thinking in earnest about Christmas shopping, too.  I've done a bunch -- sort of randomly... but it's time to get those lists made, and start checking them twice!

What are you up to today?

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  1. You're making some good progress! I just looked again at my to-do list for the day, and not a single thing got accomplished. LOL, perhaps tomorrow!


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